May 2022

Streat – Bringing you specialty coffee with a conscience.

April 2022

Barrel One – From specialty coffee to cafes and beyond.

March 2022

Stella Coffee – Share a cup of coffee with the women in your life.

February 2022

Zest Coffee – Explorers of interesting coffee flavours.

January 2022

Stitch Coffee – Bringing people together with specialty coffee

December 2021

Rumble Coffee – Transparently sourced world-class brew.

November 2021

Five Senses – Delicious specialty coffee that has a positive impact.

October 2021

Everyday Coffee – Navigating towards a sustainable green future!

September 2021

Motobean – Taking it up a notch!

August 2021

Sensory Lab | Old World vs New World

July 2021

Edition Coffee – This Japanese & Scandinavian inspired roastery is doing it again!

June 2021

Industry Beans – Celebrating the old and new.

May 2021

Freddie For Criteria – Criteria’s rising star takes the lead using some very special Brazilian beans.

April 2021

Newav Coffee – Micro coffee roasting done to perfection

March 2021

Wood and Co – Bringing us a much loved classic and a new favourite.

February 2021

Stella Coffee – Stella is back, baby!

January 2021

ST. ALi – Celebrating Women in Coffee, at Home and Abroad

December 2020

Criteria Coffee – The Melbourne duo supporting the next generation of roasters

November 2020

Expat. Roasters – Focused on Blending Cultures

October 2020

Working with Passionate Farmers - Rumble Coffee

September 2020

Stella Coffee

August 2020

Cartel Coffee Roasters - The King's of Farm to Cup!

July 2020

Jibbi Little Roasting Co - A Truly Magical Roast

June 2020

Stitching Together a Rich Tapestry of Diversity