January 06, 2022

Stitch coffee is truly a diverse bunch – a mashup of genders, races and life experiences. Their roastery reflects the global cooperation needed to fuel the coffee industry, born from the hard work of farmers all around the world.

The origin story of Stitch Coffee begins with its owner and founder, Nawar Adra. Nawar began his coffee career at Sydney’s Circa Espresso, roasting delicious coffee on the company’s Probat P5. Discovering his passion for roasting, Nawar eventually moved on to creating Stitch Coffee in 2015 with the goal to showcase the incredible potential of specialty coffee.

Fast forward 7 years and Stitch Coffee is going strong! There’s a lifetime of specialty coffee experience within the Stitch Coffee roastery walls. Even with all their experience, this coffee obsessed gang sees themselves as lifelong students, always aiming to improve and perfect their craft. The diverse Stitch team is constantly learning new techniques and discovering different varieties with the aim to push specialty coffee to the next level for their loyal home brewing fans and Australian cafes.

"We’re inspired by coffees’ diversity – starting the day with a delicious cup of coffee is a ritual that connects us to people of all races, colours, and religions all around the world." – The Team over at Stitch Coffee

Many exciting things have been happening over at Stitch Coffee recently. They just opened their flagship store in Broadway, Sydney. Make sure you check it out the next time you’re in the area. It’s a coffee lover’s paradise! 



Stitch’s featured espresso roast, Roadtrip, aims to capture the anticipation for summer adventures and finally getting out and enjoying the world. It’s a rich tapestry of origins combined to create a timeless flavour profile. A blend of seasonal Colombian, Brazilian and Papua New Guinean varieties, this smooth roast is perfect for your everyday espresso or latte.

Coffee Origin:
Colombia, Brazil and Papua New Guinea

Tasting Notes: 
Notes of dark chocolate, caramel and raw sugar.

Suggested Recipe for Espresso: 
1:2 brew ratio
19g to 23g dose in
38g to 46g beverage mass
In 28 to 32 seconds


Nolasco Family Blend

The Nolasco Family Blend celebrates the diversity of the Las Breas region in Honduras, as well as showcasing the power of coming together. The siblings of the Nolasco family all own and operate their own farms around Las Breas, near the town of Las Cabañas. For this blend, they have collaborated across their farms – coming together to create something extra special.

Coffee Origin: Honduras

Tasting Notes: Bursting with notes of orange, caramel and stone fruit.

Suggested Recipe for Filter:
Dose 15g to 255g water
Water at 97°C to 100°C
30g bloom for 40 seconds
1:30 pour time
2:30 draw time


Signature Blend

Stitch Coffee’s Signature Blend is a complex blend of Brazilian and Colombian beans that makes an incredibly smooth and buttery espresso. Balancing 60% natural Brazilian coffee and 40% Colombian washed beans, this classic coffee tastes of delicious dark chocolate and caramel.

Coffee Origin:
Brazil and Colombia

Tasting Notes: 
Notes of dark chocolate with a caramel finish.