April 06, 2021

Inspired by the passion and craft of specialty coffee in Melbourne – Malaysian roaster Gabrel Tan launched micro coffee roastery, Newav Coffee, in 2019. Get ready to try some beautifully roasted beans from a rising talent.

Gabrel Tan, micro roaster and founder of Newav Coffee, has had a passion for brewing and coffee since he started off as a barista at Reframe Coffee Roasters in Penang, Malaysia. Gabrel spent a few years dabbling in coffee art and perfecting his brewing methods before moving to one of the world's top specialty coffee cities, Melbourne. Once he landed in Australia he quickly jumped into the Melbourne coffee scene, thrilled to see the care and craft local baristas put into people's daily coffee.

Having roasted his own coffee back in Malaysia, Gabrel began roasting again here in Australia at a communal roasting facility, Criteria Coffee, and started competing in tons of world class coffee competitions such as AeroPress, Brewers Cup and the Cup Taster Championship. He founded Newav Coffee in 2019 and aims to educate people on the coffee producers as well as sharing his passion for deliciously roasted beans.

Now, Gabrel ships his carefully crafted micro coffee roasts to people all around the world. We were lucky to snag him for this month’s Thieves haul – the fact that his coffee is roasted in small batches makes it even more special. Keep an eye on this new talent, we can’t wait to see what Gabrel gets up to next. Enjoy everyone!


“One of the main reasons why I started Newav is because I wanted to create a fresh coffee drinking experience based on the amazing coffee I’ve sourced and roasted.” – Gabrel Tan of Newav



For this month’s espresso roast, Gabrel blended a peaberry varietal double fermented Brazillian Fazenda California coffee with a fully washed Honduran Montecillos blend to create a rich and decadent roast that perfectly pairs with milk.

Coffee Origin: A blend from Brazil and Honduras.

Tasting Notes: Tastes of rich caramel, cherry and milk chocolate.

Suggested Recipe for Espresso: 
20g dose in
40g yield
In 24 seconds


A beautiful washed heirloom Genji Challa varietal, single origin coffee from Ethiopia - Telila - and roasted to perfection. When we met with Gabrel he mentioned that you simply “can’t go wrong with a good washed Ethiopian coffee”! This beauty has a nice floral aroma along with the taste of peach and finished with hints of black tea.

Coffee Origin: Single Origin from Ethiopia.

Tasting Notes: Tastes of floral, peach and black tea.

Suggested Recipe for Filter:
Dose 15g to 240g water,
40g bloom for 35 seconds
slowly top up to 200g for 2:00 – 2:30 mins