July 04, 2022

Melbourne’s top teaching and roasting facility, Criteria Coffee, calls their sleek warehouse in the up-and-coming industrial section of Port Melbourne home. Always a hot spot for roasters to gather and work on their craft, Criteria’s space is beautiful, exciting, and finally open again for workshops and events!

While the Criteria Team’s passion is mentoring those new to the coffee industry, this month it’s all about Criteria themselves – and their Lead Roaster and Founder Craig Simon. Craig founded Criteria back in 2018 as a multi-award winning barista and roaster. His passion for the coffee industry, and supporting emerging roasters, makes him equal parts coffee expert and educator. Craig has always encouraged his Criteria members to connect and collaborate – blending their knowledge and pushing the standards of quality. He’s created a massive support system for industry newbies and fellow roasting veterans alike. It also doesn’t hurt that the coffee the Criteria Team roasts themselves is freakin’ fantastic!

This month we asked Craig and the Criteria Team to choose some of Criteria’s stand out roasts to feature. They’ve selected a beautiful Ethiopian and Brazilian espresso blend that oozes notes of deep red fruits and dark chocolate. For filter lovers, you’ll find a unique coffee from Ethiopia that showcases apricot, black tea and chocolate. Finally, for capsule devotees, a rich Ethiopian and Brazilian blend with notes of cherry and you guessed it… chocolate. We’re not complaining!

With things kinda-sorta getting back to normal post-pandemic, Criteria Coffee’s looking forward to sharing more in person workshops starting in July, as well as coffee industry events, which will include virtual audiences across Australia and the globe! Their membership continues to grow as they support new aspiring roasters year after year.



Criteria’s featured coffee for espresso drinkers is a balanced combination of Brazil and Ethiopian beans. The Ethiopian beans bring floral and citrus notes to the table, while the Brazilian coffee provides structure. Together, the result is a sweet, well bodied espresso with hints of red fruits and a generous kick of dark chocolate. Their chosen roast profile for this blend has been designed to bring out maximum flavour making it perfect for pairing with milk.

Coffee Origin: Ethiopia and Brazil

Tasting Notes: Tastes of red fruits and dark chocolate

Suggested Recipe for Espresso: 
In 22.5g
Out 40g
In 22-28 seconds


Ethiopia Sidamo

This month’s featured filter roast comes from the Sidamo region in Ethiopia. Many consider Ethiopia to be the birthplace of coffee, holding a long history of coffee production. The Sidamo region of Southern Ethiopia holds the distinction as one of the three trademarked coffee regions in the country and is named after the indigenous ethnic group, the Sidama, who call the region their home. There’s an intense clarity of flavours and fruit forward notes in this beautiful roast. Expect apricot, black tea, and chocolate notes to steal the show with this one.

Coffee Origin: Ethiopia

Tasting Notes: Tastes of apricot, black tea, and chocolate

Suggested Recipe for Filter:
6g of coffee per 100ml of 93 degree water
Brew for 2 minutes
Stir and break the formed crust before enjoying


Crowd Pleaser

The Crowd Pleaser is Criteria’s espresso drinking customers’ go-to coffee. It’s an easy drinking, harmonious blend of Ethiopian and Brazilian beans. Combining the ripe red fruits of a natural process Ethiopian coffee and the deeper chocolate tones of a smooth Brazilian coffee, this glorious blend magically allows both to shine and compliment each other at the same time.

Coffee Origin: Ethiopia and Brazil

Tasting Notes: Tastes of cherry ripe, chocolate, deep cherry, and cream