May 03, 2022

When we first learned about STREAT we were excited to try their coffee and for good reason. This social enterprise has a reputation for having a world-class roasting program alongside their long list of community projects and other hospitality businesses.

With their headquarters based in the leafy backstreets of Collingwood, STREAT runs a beautiful roastery and operates a social enterprise that helps prepare young people entering the hospitality industry for the first time. There’s no doubt that coffee is a big part of STREAT but they also run cafes, an artisan bakery, a catering business and an events company. All of these businesses create training opportunities for their community and provide locals with delicious coffee, baked goods and delicious food. 

STREAT’s Head Roaster, Nicholas Dawes, is no stranger to coffee. Dawes has been working in the specialty coffee industry for over 10 years, starting out at Industry Beans when he first moved to Melbourne. After his time learning the ropes at Industry Beans, he then moved on to become the Head Roaster for Campos Coffee, where he was able to access some of the most sought after beans from around the world. Campos Coffee also introduced Dawes to the importance of sustainability and supporting coffee farmers and their communities.

After mastering his craft at Campos Coffee, Dawes’ eyes turned to STREAT and he was immediately excited about working for the up-and-coming social enterprise. At STREAT Dawes could focus on roasting the highest quality coffee as well as help out his local community with all of the roastery’s profits going directly to the business’ youth programs. 


During the pandemic STREAT also started their ‘Moving Feast’ program, which aims to help create sustainable and resilient food systems by promoting food security for all, paying farmers fairly and helping create environmentally friendly production processes. STREAT’s passion for roasting exceptional coffee alongside their growing list of ambitious social projects makes this roastery, and drinking their coffee, feel extra special.


Social Blend

We’re excited to share with you one of our favourite espresso and capsule coffee blends this month. The Social Blend by STREAT is the perfect everyday coffee. The Social Blend has a complex flavour profile of almond, caramel and plum. It balances the fine line between a light and medium roast which makes it perfect for drinking black or with milk. This will no doubt be your go-to blend all month long!

Coffee Origin:
Brazil and Colombia

Tasting Notes: 
Notes of dark chocolate with a caramel finish.

Double Shot Espresso Recipe
20g-21g dose in
40g yield
In 27-30 seconds

Double Shot Ristretto Recipe
20g-21g dose in
25g yield
In 19-21 seconds



Wet Hulled Sumatra Mandheling

This month’s very special filter coffee comes from Indonesia and showcases the deep, rustic and sweet characteristics typically found in coffee from that growing region. Being an archipelago nation, consisting of around 17,500 islands, Indonesia has a fascinating range of biodiversity. Because of its many different micro-climates, Indonesian coffee is known for its complex and unique flavour profile – making it one of our favourite coffee regions in the world!

Coffee Origin: 

Tasting Notes:
Notes of cinnamon, mandarin, caramel, cedar, walnut and tobacco.

V60 Recipe
Prepare 240g of 95˚ water
15g of coarse coffee
Pour over 40g of water
40 second bloom
Pour over the remaining 200g of water
Stir 3 times clockwise and wait for the water to drain