June 03, 2021

Co-Founder of Industry Beans, Steve Simmons, reflects on his and his brother Trevor’s humble coffee beginnings almost a decade ago – while taking on an ambitious new Fitzroy space and recently opening a bustling Chadstone cafe and roastery.


Coffee loving brothers, Steve and Trevor Simmons, initially didn’t think their coffee business would grow into the Melbourne institution it is today. Little did they know, their Fitzroy cafe, that they opened up almost a decade ago, would grow into six coffee slinging venues spanning across three states.

Out of those six fantastic venues, the spotlight’s on their brand spankin’ new Chadstone roastery where they focus on premium single origin development and production. Oh boy, is this place popular! When we visited a few weeks ago to see what all the fuss was about, coffee loving punters were practically throwing themselves at the barista behind the counter, eager to get a delicious, brilliantly crafted coffee before their workday began. The open concept of the new flagship store invites customers to observe the coffee roasting process and view the roasting in action, first-hand.

With their new Chastone space proving to be just as popular as the ones that came before it, we can’t wait to see what they do with their brand new Fitzroy location that will be opening soon.

That’s right, alas it’s time for them to move on from their flagship hotspot and set up shop just down the road (literally). Expect the new Fitzroy space to house a bigger roastery, new cafe and a training & education space – bringing together everything they’ve learned over the years into something that’s at once familiar and new for their loyal locals. You can expect their new Fitzroy warehouse to open its doors in early July. Mark it in your diaries and get ready to stand in line with the other coffee lovers frothing to get a taste of those sweet sweet Industry Beans. Bring it on!

Fitzroy Street Blend

Introducing Industry Beans signature blend and their much loved house espresso which you can find at their Fitzroy, Chadstone and Sydney locations. This blend is truly unique and versatile, perfect for any kind of espresso based bev.

Coffee Origin:
33% Montana Verde, Honduras
34% Kirasa, Burundi
33% Quebrada de Agua Negra, Colombia

Tasting Notes: Tastes of blackcurrant, blood orange and chocolate.

Suggested Recipe for Ristretto: 
17.5g dose in
33g out
25-30 seconds

Suggested Recipe for Split
17.5g dose in
36g out
25-30 seconds

Ethiopian Tade GG Washed Process

This washed processed coffee, from renowned producer Tesfaye Bekele, has a juicy and almost sparkling acidity with high levels of sweetness and fruit which is why it has such a wonderfully complex flavour profile. This is one of Industry Beans’ favourite producers and they’re delighted to showcase it.

Coffee Origin: Ethiopia

Tasting Notes: Tastes of guava, cola and blueberry.

Suggested Recipe for Filter:
Dose 15g to 250g water
Bloom for 30 seconds
Slowly top up to a total brew time of 2:30