March 03, 2022

If you’re a coffee nerd like us then no doubt you’ve heard of industry legend Tim Varney, Founder of Stella Coffee. Tim’s back this month bringing you three outstanding new roasts, two from Brazil and a Colombian capsule coffee that’s delicious.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Tim knows how to make an amazing cup of joe. His eye for quality and ability to seek out world class, responsibly sourced coffee is second to none. Tim launched Stella Coffee back in 2020 as a side project and labour of love to highlight some of the world’s best coffees. Since then, Stella has grown a passionate fan base that appreciates Tim’s well crafted flavour profiles and deep knowledge of coffee.

The true inspiration for Stella Coffee though is who it’s named after, Tim’s grandmother Stella, a major influence in his life. Old photos of Stella and other family members are proudly displayed on the front of each bag. This plays into Tim’s mission to bring a little jolt of nostalgia into our lives and celebrate his own family who has played such a big part in who he is. This month Tim’s mum Julia and aunt Suzanne are on the front of his espresso roast with their arms crossed in a sign of solidarity for International Women’s Day, which is this month. This year’s IWD theme is all about working towards equality and diversity – hashtag #BreakTheBias.

So, in honour of the amazing women in your life, and women all across the globe, be sure to get together, smash some stereotypes and share a delicious cup of Stella Coffee. Thank you Tim and Stella Coffee for reminding us of this important cause… and treating us to some unbelievable coffee of course!


Fazenda Furnas

Fazenda Furnas is a natural processed Yellow Bourbon coffee  from Minas Gerais, Brazil. An absolute crowd pleaser, this roast has all the hallmarks of a naturally processed Brazilian coffee. There’s plenty of sweetness with clean toasted nut characteristics, sweet lemon and super-ripe fruit acidity.

Coffee Origin:
Gerais, Brazil

Tasting Notes: 
Notes of toasted nuts, brown sugar and dried fruit.

Espresso Tips From Tim
“Espresso is tricky. You know what you like, but I’d definitely recommend starting with a ratio of 1:2 (eg. 20g in, 40g out). Also, adding a bit more liquid might give you a slightly more open and balanced shot. Good luck!”


Fazenda Progresso

Fazenda Progresso is a pulped natural Yellow Catua coffee from Bahia, Brazil. Boasting some classic pulped natural Brazilian characteristics such as being creamy and sweet with great balance and structure. It also shines a light on some beautiful plum, pear and dried fruit notes while milk chocolate and almond praline finish it off.

Coffee Origin: 
Bahia, Brazil

Tasting Notes:
Notes of plum, pear, dried fruit, milk chocolate and almond praline.

Filter Tips From Tim
“Don’t mess too much with your preferred brewing method. Just try and keep it as close to the golden ratio, 60g to 1000g water, and adjust the grind to taste.”

La Esmeralda

La Esmeralda is a washed Tabi coffee from Huila, Colombia. It features candied berries and ripe stone fruit with a soft, creamy mouthfeel. Clean aromatics are supported by soft caramel sweetness with a luscious finish.

Coffee Origin: 
Huila, Colombia

Tasting Notes:
Notes of candied berries, stone fruit and caramel.