November 04, 2020

Get ready to experience some seriously interesting flavours this month! Bali based Expat. Roasters have expanded their roasting operation to Australia in 2020, bringing their brilliant eye for blended roasts with them, and we’re here for it.

Expat’s story is a special one. Founder and award winning barista, Shae Macnamara, is originally from Sydney but decided to make Indonesia Expat’s homebase.

Shae and Expat’s story began in 2016 when he fell in love with Balinese culture. Shae admired how people in Indonesia prioritised community over work. This inspired him to create a business where he can work closely and respectfully with the Balinese community made up of talented farmers, baristas, roasters, and hospitality workers. Expat was on a mission to introduce coffee culture to Bali as well as share this beautiful yet unconventional coffee region with the world.

Indonesia is a bit of an underrepresented coffee growing hotspot. People usually think of its coffee as having a one dimensional flavour profile when in fact farmers are now experimenting with different varietals, environments, and processes to create something truly unique and multidimensional.

While Bali is homebase for Expat and Shae, the business has always intended to expand and build accessibility to great coffee all around the world. When Shae came over to Sydney to visit family and friends he didn’t predict that he’d be stuck in his home country for a year thanks to COVID. Looking at the bright side, Shae decided this would be the perfect time to launch Expat. Roasters Australia. Launching in Australia will also help support his community back home in Bali which doesn’t have the resources that we do to cope with COVID.


Shae is a big fan of alcohol as well as coffee so it only makes sense that he used a wine processing technique on his Indonesian beans from West Java and blended them with a single origin Kenyan coffee that already has a beautiful winey aftertaste. This is one to be excited about!

Tasting Notes: Expect cherry, chocolate and grape notes upfront followed by a sweet panella rounded mouth feel and a long winey acidic aftertaste.

Suggested Recipe: Use a 1:16 ratio


This is an espresso blend full of personality made up of three single origin coffees. It’s a roast that’s clever and well thought-out but doesn’t take itself too seriously. Similar to the woman who it’s named after!

Tasting Notes: A well rounded, fruit driven sweet coffee with enhanced caramel and toffee notes.

Suggested Recipe: 21g in to 45g out over 28 seconds

The future’s looking good for Expat. Roasters. Shae plans to expand into many Indonesian cities and in 2020 launched Expat. Roasters Australia where he is sourcing and roasting locally in Sydney and wholesaling across the country. He found a way to support his local community in Indonesia as well as share some amazing flavour profiles with the Australian market. Your taste buds are in for a treat this month. Thank you Expat. Roasters!