May 03, 2021

What do two Brazilian farmers and a Scandinavian backpacker have in common? Well, a big appreciation for the craft of making a good cup of coffee that’s for sure!

 We’re so lucky that these two worlds collided at none other than Melbourne coffee company and communal roasting facility, Criteria Coffee, to bring you two delicious Brazilian produced, Scandinavian roasted coffees.

Let’s start with the Scandinavian backpacker. Allow us to introduce to you Frederick Kjærulff-Schmidt, aka Freddie. Freddie got hooked on coffee while he was backpacking through Latin America in 2013, visiting world class coffee farms any chance he could. When he returned to Denmark he realised that coffee was something he wanted to take seriously. He’s been working in the industry ever since.

From starting off as a serious barista in Copenhagen to being a part of a sensory panel for a company called CoffeeMinds, he’s done it all. When he wanted to learn more about coffee roasting, Freddie made his way to Australia where he joined the gang over at Criteria Coffee and dove head first into the wild world of Australian roasting. Freddie has been roasting with Criteria Coffee ever since and is now an integral part of their super talented team.

As for the Brazilians, both of this month’s featured roasts by Freddie are from a 100 year old farm in Brazil called Fazenda California. Fazenda California is in the Brazilian subtropical region of Norte Pioneiro do Paraná. This coffee haven is unique because farmers and producers are able to develop coffee plantations without dealing with a cold winter period which can greatly hurt production. Because of these perfect conditions, and a deep rooted coffee producing culture, these farmers are able to grow the highest quality arabica coffee.

Fazenda California is owned by the Saldanha family, headed by Luiz and Flavia Saldanha, who between them have truck loads of coffee growing street cred. They both studied agronomy at ESALQ/USP, the top Brazilian agricultural university, and are certified Q-Graders. Their passion for coffee is evident as the coffee they produce is of the highest quality.


Fazenda California Double Ferment Pea Berry

Coffee Origin: Brazil

Tasting Notes: Tastes of sweet mandarin, vanilla, Brazil nuts, toffee and chocolate.

Suggested Recipe for Espresso: 
22.5g dose in
40g yield
In 24 seconds


Fazenda California Double Ferment

Coffee Origin: Brazil

Tasting Notes: Tastes of toffee apple, golden raisins, macadamia & hazelnuts with chocolate.

Suggested Recipe for Filter:
Dose 15g to 240g water,
40g bloom for 35 seconds
slowly top up to 200g for 2:00 – 2:30 mins



Enjoy this month’s celebration of Brazilian beans perfectly roasted by Criteria’s rising star!
@frederick_kjaerulff / @criteriacoffee