March 03, 2021

Let’s dive deeper into 2021 with Wood and Co, bringing us their fan-favourite and delicious espresso blend, KARMA, alongside a brand spanking new single origin roast that really packs a punch.

With 2020 in the rear view mirror,  and the possibilities of the New Year coming into full view, we’re ready to explore some new flavours while simultaneously being comforted by delicious flavours from the past. This is where the rock stars at Brunswick, Victoria based Wood and Co come into their own, bringing us two exciting coffees – one we know and love and the other we’re pretty damn excited to discover.

We’ve featured the coffee rebels over at Wood and Co a few times in the past, and safe to say we’re massive fans of their handiwork. Led by former punk rocker and coffee expert, Aaron Wood, this is a hard working group of passionate coffee fanatics who pay close attention to quality and where their coffees come from. Wood and Co attracts a cult following, from locals to enthusiasts from across the country, many who drop by their Brunswick roastery to sip on new and exciting roasts and catch-up with the crew.

2021 is an exciting year for Wood and Co. They’re currently renovating their roasting facility, making it even bigger and better. The team is also bringing on a brand new roaster and plan on opening a retail shop later this year. If you’re in the area, make sure you drop by and say “hey” to the talented gang in person!


“We’re excited to be upgrading our roast facility with a new roaster and making it bigger and better. Plus we’re planning on opening a refurbished retail space later in the year so stay tuned for more details!” — Aaron Wood, founder of Wood and Co Coffee


Wood and Co is bringing back their bold blend using beans from Colombia and Brazil: KARMA. These beans are ideal for rounding out espresso based coffees. It has a tinge of sweetness which works beautifully with its rich body. KARMA is perfect to use with milk or milk alternatives.

 Coffee Origin: Blended from selected beans from Colombia and Brazil

 Tasting Notes: Tastes of plum, chocolate and dark caramel.

 Suggested Recipe for Espresso: 22g does in, 45 – 47g yield, In 25 seconds


Gallito de las Rocas coffee is grown by small-scale coffee growers in San Ignacio, Cajamarca. The Cajamarca region in Peru is known as the land of coffee, honey, and natural forests. The region’s economy is moved primarily by coffee production. Most farmers here own farms of very few hectares in remote areas, producing some of the world’s finest and most delicious taste profiles.

Coffee Origin: Single Origin from Peru

Tasting Notes: Tastes of honey suckle, peach and panela.

Suggested Recipe for Filter: Dose 15g to 250g water, 50g bloom for 30 seconds, slowly top up to 250g for 2:30 – 3 mins