February 03, 2022

This month’s featured Victorian roastery, Zest Specialty Coffee Roasters, describes their team as constantly “exploring and representing the flavourful diversity of coffee,” and for good reason. 

Zest is made up of an eclectic group of Berwick based coffee aficionados who pride themselves on their passion for experimenting with and exploring interesting flavours. The team’s innovative journey begins with their collaboration with a diverse group of coffee farmers, origins and communities all over
the world. 

Just last year, they conducted their own Australian coffee farm discovery expedition in collaboration with Jack Murat Coffee. Located past the town of Mareeba, Queensland, lies the fertile plateau that is the Atherton Tablelands and the heartland of the Australian coffee growing region. With the guidance of resident coffee guru, Aryan Aqajani, the Zest team learned the disciplines of selective picking and reflected on the coffee
farming process.

Zest’s dedication to diversifying their coffees is even more apparent from their choice of packaging design, which feature unique patterns representing the contours of the mountainous coffee farms from around
the globe.

Leo Corser, Head Roaster for Zest, has been working in the industry for over 25 years and his experience shows in each delicious roast he creates. “Since starting with Zest I have had the opportunity to roast high quality coffee, pick and process coffee cherries, then share them with friends and customers. I’ve also had the opportunity to taste some of the most magnificent coffee I’ve ever had the pleasure of sipping on,” says Corser.

This group of flavour renegades has your best interest in mind, encouraging their customers to discover and enjoy unique coffee flavour profiles along with them. It’s an exciting journey they’re on and we’re more than happy to come along for the ride!



If you’ve chosen to receive espresso bags or capsules this month you’re in for a treat! Zest’s special Corcovado Espresso Blend from Colombia, Peru and Brazil is full of rich chocolate notes with butterscotch, hazelnut and caramel. Very indulgent! The team has visited the Peruvian farm multiple times and have been deeply involved in teaching the local farmers how to process higher quality micro-lots to help improve their communities economic situation. Enjoy this beauty with milk or as a straight up espresso.

Coffee Origin:
Colombia, Peru and Brazil

Tasting Notes: 
Notes of milk chocolate, caramel, hazelnut and butterscotch.

Suggested Recipe for Espresso: 
9-BAR machine pressure
Water temperature at 93.5°C
20g basket VST
20g dose in
45g yield
In 32 seconds


Mariana & Paulo

This month’s filter roast is lovingly made with beans from the Brazilian farm Mariana Martins Single Estate led by the talented duo Mariana and Paulo Martins. The beautiful coffee trees that scatter their hillside farm in Brazil’s Divinolândia de Minas municipality are over 30 years old and inherited from Mari’s father. Mariana and Paulo focus on specialty coffee here and are always seeking to improve the quality of their beans, which is already fantastic!

Coffee Origin: Brazil

Tasting Notes: Notes of white nectarine, golden syrup, apricot and cashew.

Suggested Recipe for Filter:
(using a Hario V60)
Water temperature at 96°C
Dose 22g to 365g water
Brew time 3 minutes 30 seconds
Bloom for 45 seconds