December 04, 2021

We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the holiday season than to bring you two exceptional roasts by our very good friends over at Melbourne based roastery and espresso bar, Rumble Coffee Roasters.

The Rumble team calls a brick warehouse located in Melbourne’s western suburb of Kensington home. It’s at this location that these coffee fanatics have been roasting knock-out blends and world-class single origins, all transparently sourced, since 2014.

After spending decades running some of Melbourne’s top cafes, Rumble discovered their passion for specialty coffee and began working closely with coffee farmers and producers from all over the world. They then decided to focus all their attention on roasting their own transparently sourced specialty coffee and boy has it taken off!

When we say Rumble is passionate about promoting transparency in the coffee industry, we mean it. With each coffee they release they create a full report to go with it that lays it all out – from a full background of where the beans came from to the prices they paid for the coffee. “We get a buzz  from arming fellow coffee lovers with the tasty truth about what’s in your cup of Rumble brew,” says Joe Molloy of Rumble Coffee Roasters.

Rumble also prides themselves on the personal relationships that they have developed with their producers and customers alike. Most importantly, they pay their farmers fairly so that they can invest in their land, people and communities, all in the name of a more sustainable future for all. COVID has hit coffee growing countries hard so it’s more important now than ever to support these farmers and their communities.


The last two years have been tough for everybody but particularly for coffee growers around the world. COVID hit those countries hard and made an already tough job even more difficult. – Joe Molloy of Rumble Coffee


On top of roasting some of the best coffee around, Rumble has recently opened up a new espresso bar at their roastery in Kensington. Make sure you drop by to support this amazing team and treat yourself to some exceptional world-class coffee onsite.


Guatemala Marlon El Valle

Young Guatemalan grower Marlon El Valle has been supplying Rumble with coffee since he first reached out to them a couple of years ago. His family has been growing coffee in the Huehuetenango area, located in the beautiful mountainous northern highlands region in Guatemala, for over 25 years. It’s a family affair where passion for growing meets a love for their community

Coffee Origin:

Tasting Notes: 
A bright and juicy coffee with notes of lime, honeysuckle and apricot on the finish.

Suggested Recipe for Espresso: 
21g dose in
40g yield
In 30 seconds


Ethiopia Dikitu Village

This delicious natural processed Ethiopian coffee from the Dikitu Village area is full-bodied with a fruity and floral finish. Husband-and-wife team Gizaw Alemayehu and Frehiwot Mekonnen run the washing station and the quality of the beans they produce are a testament to their love for their craft.

Coffee Origin: Ethiopia

Tasting Notes: A balanced and full-bodied coffee with honey sweetness and fruity floral notes.

Suggested Recipe for Filter:
Dose 23g to 360g water
Water at 96°C
86g bloom for 45 seconds
Slowly top up the remaining 260g, aiming to finish by the 2 minute mark
Aim for 4 minutes brew time