Trio Drip Coffee Bags <10 bags>

Trio Drip Coffee Bags <10 bags>

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A sample of filter coffees from our latest features. These are perfect for on-the-go when you’re short on energy and time while still wanting to enjoy the best coffee!

What are drip coffee bags?
Easy, simple and convenient coffee with built in filter.
A great alternative to instant coffee, and a great way to up your coffee game.

What's included - a variety of 10 coffee drip bags:

Brewing Directions

  1. Tear open the top of the drip bag along the perforated line.
  2. Fold out the handles and slip over the edge of your cup.
  3. Slowly pour 200 ml of hot water (95*C) into the drip bag.
  4. Once the coffee has fully brewed, remove the drip bag and enjoy!
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