December 01, 2022

We’re so excited for our Thieves Community to taste these three unique coffees this month by the legends over at Sydney based Stitch Coffee, and for good reason!

Stitch Coffee was born from the idea that coffee is much like a tapestry – it’s a weaving of origins, complexities and flavours that go into each batch to create something truly unique and delicious. The Stitch Coffee Team is a diverse group of experienced and highly passionate coffee specialists. 

“Coffee is much like a tapestry – it’s a weaving of origins, complexities and flavours.”

Nawar Adra, Founder and Managing Director of Stitch Coffee, had humble beginnings - working as a barista in Sydney’s  iconic Western Suburbs cafe, Circa Espresso. Nawar started his roasting journey with Circa when they purchased their very own Probat P5 to roast their own beans. While on the tools with Circa, he focused heavily on single origin, however, as the years passed Nawar realised there was an artistry behind the blending of origins. The merging of flavour profiles from different sources and locations created a cup with distinct complexity, structure and balance – this concept gave birth to the Stitch Coffee roastery which opened its doors in Alexandria in 2015!


Okapa Blue

Okapa District is in the Eastern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea’s capital Okapa. It’s stunning and fertile land with many of the plantations reflecting traditional ‘coffee gardens’ or small plots of around 20 plants grown alongside other crops. Expect a balanced, dry fruit and sweet caramel like finish.

Coffee Origin:
Papua New Guinea

Tasting Notes:
Tastes of dried fruit and sweet caramel.

Suggested Recipe for Filter:
Brew ratio 1:16
Dose 15g coffee
240ml of 93-95°c water
50g bloom for 40 seconds
Pours 2x including bloom
Pour time 1 minute and 30 seconds
Draw time 2 minutes and 40 seconds


Little Miss Sunshine

Stitch crafted this delicious blend to help fill your day with joy! Whether it’s your first cup in the morning, sharing a laugh with someone special or just having me-time to enjoy a special brew… the Little Miss Sunshine espresso roast will do the trick. This Peruvian blend was also developed with a unique Cajamarca flavour that really stands out. Everybody deserves sunshine in their cup!

Coffee Origin:

Tasting Notes:
Cajamarca flavour profile.

Suggested Recipe for Espresso:
1:2 brew ratio
Dose in 22g
Beverage mass 46g
Contact time 28-32 seconds
Temperature 94°c



La Flor Organic

Honduras is a coffee origin on the rise. Though its coffee industry is developing, Honduras’ soil, climate and conditions are similar to its neighbouring nations which are highly regarded for their coffee. Expect a cup teeming with dried fruit, caramel and chocolate. The result… a coffee of mellow acidity, well-rounded and deep sweetness, with an extremely smooth texture. Honduras has definitely got our attention!

Coffee Origin:

Tasting Notes:
Dried fruit, caramel, chocolate.