This Month's Feature Coffee Beans - Prodigal Coffee

This Month's Feature Coffee Beans - Prodigal Coffee

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This month’s feature roast. Check out their story in The Slow Drip Blog for more on this month’s feature.

A single 250g, 500g or 1kg delivery of Thieves Coffee monthly subscription roast. Choose from filter or espresso and whether you prefer ground or whole beans - the best roasters in Australia telling their stories and sharing their passion.

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Looking for an epic go-to espresso blend? This is the one for you! Steadfast is the ultimate crowd pleaser. A yummy blend of Colombia Arboleda-Nariño and Guatemala
Huehuetenango Quetzal make up this coffee of champions. Tastes of butterscotch,
chocolate brownie and plum. If you find yourself at one of Prodigal’s cafes around
Melbourne, you’ll notice this is always on the bar. Bangin’ in milk, killer black. Just easy
and bloody delicious.

Coffee Origin: Colombia & Guatemala

Process: Washed Process

Tasting Notes: Notes of butterscotch, chocolate brownie and plum




This is the coffee nerds’ go to. It tastes like summer in a cup and just so happens to be
roasted in Somerville! What makes this coffee unique is that it’s actually a blend. Prodigal combined Ethiopia Arsosala Washed and Ethiopia Arsosala Natural to create a delicious flavour profile of tropical fruits and booze. Refreshing and unique, this filter keeps you wanting another cup. Prodigal also pushed development a little more than normal in their filter profiles which kept things sweet and lush, while still having a big pop of fruit and flavour. Enjoy!

Coffee origin: Ethiopia

Process: Washed & Natural Process

Tasting Notes: Notes of tropical fruits and booze



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