September 02, 2022

This month we head west to Whadjuk Noongar land in Boorloo (Perth, WA), in the suburb of Bayswater and meet Giorgia and the team at Timely Coffees – a bunch of coffee pros who are committed to making a difference. They hold their values right up top alongside their commitment to roasting exceptionally good coffee.

Giorgia started out in coffee about ten years ago as a junior in a busy cafe before moving on to barista work, then roasting, and then about 3 years ago, founding Timely Coffees with her business partners, Seb and Tristan. They started out roasting all their coffees on a 12kg Diedrich in a 25sqm space leased from a local suburban cafe. Fast forward to the present day and Timely Coffees has grown to 8 staff, two 15kg roasters, and 400sqm of roasting facilities, dedicated to all things Timely. We’re so excited to shine a light on the team this month!


Giorgia and Seb, Co-founders of Timely Coffees, in the roasteryGiorgia and Seb, Co-founders of Timely Coffees


Timely has always been a values-driven company and always aims to operate in a manner that is consistent with its core values: responsibility, generosity and no BS. The team believes that by operating true to these values, they can create a brand and a culture that people can be proud to be a part of. Transparency and fairness in the supply chain, maintaining good sustainability practices, creating a safe environment for LGBTQIA+ staff and customers, and donating to charities close to their hearts are just some of the ways they put these values into practice.


We believe that by operating true to [our] values, we can create a brand and a culture that folks can be proud to be a part of 

– Giorgia, Co-founder Timely Coffees 


The vision for Timely is “Coffee You Can Be Proud Of” and this doesn’t just mean roasting great coffee. Giorgia says, “every time someone brews, sips, or buys Timely, we want them to feel that they’ve made the world just a little bit better. Because all choices we all make, even the ones that seem small, like where we buy our coffee, can make a big difference.”

On that note, we’d like to thank the folks at Timely for two amazing roasts this month. We know you’ll love every delicious sip.

Nat and Giorgia (left to right) from Timely Coffees during a cupping session
Nat and Giorgia cupping, Timely Coffees


Gizaw Washing Station

This lot represents coffee contributed to Gizaw Washing Station by smallholder producers in Wachaotu Village in Gedeo Zone, Ethiopia. Characterised by its beautifully balanced acidity, with notes of blueberry and jasmine in the cup. “At Timely, we assign different colours to the coffees we release based on their main characteristic. For this coffee, we assigned the colour “Moss Green”. That means that we think it’s crisp!”

Coffee Origin:

Tasting Notes:
Notes of blueberry and jasmine. 

Suggested Recipe for Filter:
The Timely team don't usually talk about brew recipes, because there are so many different and diverse ways to brew coffee! However, for filter coffee, they usually start with a b
rew ratio of 1 part coffee to 16 parts water. For further information check your pocket brew guide included in this month’s box!


A hand holding up a bag of Timely Coffees GIZAW WASHING STATION FILTER COFFEE


TIimely Two (Pedro + Joao)

Grown by Pedro Gabarra and his father, Joao Newton Teixeira in Minas Gerais, Brazil, on one of Pedro’s farms, Santo Antonio. Sustainability is the key focus here; all of Pedro’s coffee farms are Carbon-Neutral, and in 2019, one of his farms received an award for being the most sustainable coffee farm in Brazil. A myriad of sustainability projects are in constant motion at Pedro’s farms, including responsible waste management, tree planting, forest development, environmental education and more. In the case of Santo Antonio, not only does this farm produce amazing coffee, but it is also a rehabilitation area for native bird species with two aviaries! In terms of flavour, this coffee is sweet, rich, and bold, and tastes like cherry ripe!

Coffee Origin:

Tasting Notes:
Notes of cherry ripe.

Suggested Recipe for Espresso:
As a starting point for espresso, Timely usually use a ratio of 1 part coffee to 2 parts waterFor further information check your pocket brew guide included in this month’s box!


A hand holding up a bag of Timely Coffees TIMELY TWO (PEDRO + JOAO) ESPRESSO COFFEE


Timely One (Asopep Co-operative)

This coffee was grown by smallholder producers in Magdalena Valley, Huila, Colombia. Huila is well-known for its coffee production and has an apt culture for sustainability. There is a department-wide strategy currently in place called Plan Hula 2050, which aims to maintain sustainability of coffee communities by protecting waterways and native rainforests, improving waste management, and designing efficient transportation infrastructure in an effort to minimise the effects of climate change in the department. We like this coffee not only for its narrative, but also because it is clean, balanced, and has a delightful fruity acidity that cuts very nicely through milk. It also tastes great as an espresso!

Coffee Origin:

Tasting Notes:
Clean and balanced with fruity acidity.


Steph, roasting lead at Timely coffee roasting this month's coffee
Steph, lead roaster at Timely, roasting this month's coffee