August 17, 2022

So, you have a Thieves Coffee subscription? What’s next? The good news is you’ve already levelled up your at-home coffee game! We’re here to help you take that next step by showing you what to look for in a coffee maker and what coffee maker is right for you.


Which brewer do you need?

Well, that depends. Do you like a nice strong coffee with milk? Do you want a delicate pour over? Do you change it up and need something in the middle? We have options for all of you.

1. Moka Pot Coffee Maker: Espresso Style Coffee On The Stovetop


If you only ever want a strong coffee and you sometimes like to add milk, a moka pot may be the solution for you. Not the one that has a bad seal, burns you when you try to use it and is collecting dust in the back of your cupboard!

We recommend you treat yourself to one that is good quality with a thoughtful design, ensuring ease of use and the perfect cup.

Bialetti is the go-to for stovetop coffee makers. They have been in the business since the 1930s and have developed their classic moka pot design over many years.

They’re available in different cup sizes, are reliable, easy to use and have been trusted amongst Italian households for decades. While the outcome is not quite as strong as Espresso, you can achieve a beautifully concentrated cup with this method.

Bialetti Brikka Express


  • Features a heat-resistant handle

  • A distinctive eight-sided shape that allows it to diffuse heat perfectly to enhance the aroma of your coffee

  • Patented enhanced top-valve that ensures your coffee is rich in flavour

  • The micro frothing device and opening in the lid create an amazing thick and creamy crema, the absolute mark of a quality Italian espresso

If you have an induction cooktop then opt for the Bialetti Venus model instead. It’s specifically designed to be safe for induction stoves.

Bialetti Venus Stovetop Coffee Maker


  • Features a heat-resistant handle

  • Can be used on gas, electric and induction stoves


Pro tips:

  • To speed up the brewing and to avoid over-extraction, boil water in a kettle first before your moka pot gets anywhere near the stove! This prevents burning the coffee.

  • Don’t press your coffee down tightly into the filter. This could result in an over-extracted and bitter brew. Just settle the coffee grounds gently and await the perfect cup.

2. Pour Over: Customisable Brewing & Crisp Flavour


If you’re loving the beautiful single origin pour over down at your local, the v60 might be your go-to.

The v60 is a simple brewer with the power to unlock incredible flavours and manipulate all the characteristics. It uses a paper filter meaning you get no sediment in your cup. With a v60, a grinder and a scale you’re most of the way to having everything the pro at your favourite cafe has to work with. The rest is practice!

Hario V60


  • BPA Free Plastic V60 Brewing Kit
  • Features spiral ridges that keep the paper filter from attaching to the cone walls, encouraging a balanced and flavourful extraction.
  • Crisp Pour Over Coffee – Brews pour over coffee with a rich flavour, crisp acidity, and clean body.
  • 600ml Range Server – Keeps your coffee hot for hours and makes pouring easy and spill-less.
  • Heat-Proof Hario Glass – World-renown for its durable construction and temperature maintaining qualities.
  • 40 Paper Filters – Ships with plenty of filters to get you going.


Pro tips:

  • A gooseneck kettle is going to give you heaps more control over the way you pour your water, this will also help from a consistency standpoint.

  • Using the right grind will help you brew the perfect cup. A medium-fine grind is ideal for the pour over method. No matter what type of grinder you use, always grind your beans just before brewing for a fresher coffee.

See similar: Kinto, Chemex.

3. Single Cup, Milk or No Milk 

If you’re still reading, you’re probably thinking - Sometimes I have milk but I also drink black coffee regularly. Well, if you’re looking for a great brewer that’s easy to use and is a happy medium between both styles discussed so far, the AeroPress may be hard to beat.

The AeroPress is a brewer that is able to be full immersion, meaning all the coffee and water are in together, until you press the water through the grounds – same as a french press/plunger. The difference here is that AeroPress can easily make a more concentrated brew, meaning it works well if you want to add milk. Alternatively, you can also use a brewing ratio that is more in the style of pour over.
Paper filters lead to a nice clean cup.


  • Smooth, rich, pure & fast coffee anywhere

  • Convenient and great to pack with you if travelling

  • Bisphenol-A (BPA) and phthalate-free

  • Grit-free black coffee


Pro tip:

  • Brew “too strong” and add milk or hot water to taste!

4. Large Batch Filter Brew

Are you the kind of coffee drinker that keeps going back for more?

If you’re on a caffeine drip diet, or maybe you need to brew incredible coffee for the whole house (or office), the Moccamaster Classic has you sorted. The Moccamaster is certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCA) and holds the prestigious Seal of Approval from the European Coffee Brewing Centre.

It brews a large 1.25 L carafe in under six minutes and keeps it at a steady temperature, so you can keep refilling. Now, you do need a bit of bench space for this beauty, but if you love filter coffee and you’re a dedicated coffee drinker (we know you are!) then it’s hard to resist this machine.

Did we mention it also comes in a rainbow of colours?

Moccamaster Classic Coffee Machine


  • Brew time 5-6 minutes

  • High-grade aluminium housing

  • Illuminated on/off switch

  • Copper boiling element with double safety guard, keeps constant temperature 90 - 05 degrees Celsius. 

  • Mixing lid for a homogenous brew

  • Programmed into the brewing cycle is a bloom phase, where the coffee grounds are lightly sprayed.

  • BPA-Free plastic, and high-grade glass to last for many years.


Pro tips:

  • Evenly distribute the coffee grounds in the basket! This is so you get an even brew. It’s simple - just tap the sides of the brew basket to make sure you get an even bed of grounds rather than a mound.

  • Stir and bloom - when the brew basket is around half full with hot water, gently stir the coffee grounds around with a spoon. This will ensure an even mix of hot water and coffee grounds and also allow your coffee to ‘bloom’. This releases excess gas and will improve the final taste of your coffee.


With a huge variety of coffee makers out there it can be overwhelming to pick the one that’s right for you. Hopefully, by rounding up our trusted favourites (and the trusted favourites of pro roasters and coffee aficionados world-over), we’ve been able to give you some guidance on which at-home coffee maker is best for you. Time to add one to your cart and continue your at-home coffee journey.