December 22, 2023

As another year draws to a close, there couldn't be a more perfect time to reflect on the incredible roasters that joined us in 2023 as official roasting partners for Thieves Coffee. Throughout the year, we were proud to feature an impressive line-up of Aussie roasters from across the country. Brew yourself a cuppa as we take a quick trip down memory lane and have a little look at our amazing 2023 coffee roasters one more time. 




ST ALi. – Pioneers of the Melbourne coffee scene.

Kicking off the year with a bang, January saw the spotlight on ST ALi, an Australian coffee institution. These top dogs have been around since 2005 and aren't stopping anytime soon. Thieves Coffee espresso subscribers were treated to their uber-popular Wide Awake blend - a rich and robust blend of Brazil and El Salvador. beans, setting the tone for the months to come. Meanwhile, filter goers were treated to a vibrant Rwanda single origin, full of red currant and juicy apple flavour notes. 



Proud Mary - One Coffee To Rule Them All

Proud Mary took the reins in February, showcasing their commitment to quality and sustainability. With a focus on direct relationships with farmers and meticulous roasting, we were enchanted by Proud Mary's dedication to both flavour and ethical sourcing. Also, this was the first time a Thieves featured roaster has showcased the same coffee roasted for espresso and filter: a beautiful natural process from Mantiquerira, Brazil. 



Cool Hands Coffee - Collaborating With Colombia

March brought the cool vibes of Cool Hands Coffee to Thieves subscribers. Known for their innovative approach to coffee culture, Cool Hands brought a refreshing twist to the traditional coffee experience. Both espresso and filter drinkers had a chance to savour coffee from pioneering specialty coffee farmer, Sara Gutierrez. Sara is also a qualified Q-Grader and was elected as the first treasurer of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance chapter in Colombia. 




Criteria Coffee - A Colombian Coffee Sanctuary 

In April, Criteria Coffee's collaboration with Santuario Project took centre stage. The Santuario Project – a coffee farm located in the elusive Totoro Region of Colombia, is founded by Camilo Merizalde who provided filter sippers with a beautiful, spicy Colombian washed red bourban and a peach and toffee forward Colombia/Ethiopia on espresso. 



Wide Open Road - Roasting Since The Noughties

Wide Open Road kept us warm all throughout May, inviting subscribers to explore new boundaries of flavour. Renowned for their adventurous blends and commitment to pushing the coffee envelope, Wide Open Road hit the spot. Their popular Bathysphere blend was on high rotation for espresso subscribers while a funky Colombian anaerobic washed had filter drinkers wanting MORE. 



Infinity Coffee - The Sydneysiders You NEED To Know About

As Winter approached, Thieves Coffee welcomed Infinity Coffee in June. True to its name, Infinity Coffee offered a seemingly endless array of delicious coffee. We got a serious sense of bliss with every sip. Award-winning roaster, (and brewer, and latte art champion) Frankie Shi delivered the goods this month with a floral, fruity washed Ethiopia Yirgacheffe on filter and the Dark Owl Blend - an award winning espresso blend with beans originating from China, Brazil and Colombian 



Small Batch Roasting Co - Seeking To Lead The Way To A Kinder Future

Small Batch Roasting Co took the spotlight in July with a burning desire to promote healthy food systems, food sovereignty, regenerative farming practices and farmer's livelihoods. With an emphasis on quality over quantity, Small Batch brought to the table their house blend, Candyman for espresso and a sweet, zesty Ethiopia Yirgacheffe for filter.



Brightside Coffee Co - The WA Roaster That Really Packs A Lunch

August ushered in the vibrance of Brightside Coffee Co despite the chilly weather. Known for their uplifting blends and commitment to sustainable practices, Brightside brought a ray of sunshine all the way from WA to Thieves Coffee drinkers across the country, delighting taste buds with each cup. On filter, subscribers were sipping on a boozy, chocolatey Timor Leste. The Good Times Blend brought good times every morning to espresso subscribers with its smooth cookie and cream flavour profile.




Rumble Coffee - Always Good, Always Transparent

We welcomed the start of spring with Rumble Coffee. The crew over at Rumble are old friends of ours and we absolutely love featuring them every now and then, not only because they roast unbelievable coffee but because they are also massive advocates for transparently sourced specialty coffee. This month we saw two single origin stars: Guatemala on filter and Brazil on espresso. 



Locale Coffee Roasters - Coffee For The People

Locale Coffee Roasters took centre stage over the spooky season, keeping us well-caffeinated all month long with their good vibes and show-stopping coffees. Espresso subscribers got on board with an epic roast with an epic name: the Original Gangsta, consisting of a jammy, nutty blend of Brazil Honduras and Colombia. Filter subscribers sipped on a beautiful Brazilian washed with notes of peach tea and red grape - delish! 




Standing Room Coffee - From Melbourne's Campuses To A Northside Cafe

November saw a standing ovation (get it?!) for Standing Room Coffee, as they captivated with their expertly crafted brews. A few of us working at Thieves Coffee went to university in Melbourne, so having Standing Room Coffee (their whole dig is that they're the go-to place for specialty coffee at various Melbourne campuses) as our official November roaster was definitely a throwback. A washed Cajamarca, Colombia was an absolute treat for filter drinkers while their seasonal espresso blend blew us away with its delicious notes of toffee, macadamia and plum. 




Square One Coffee Roasters - Connecting With The Wider Community.

As the year draws to a close and silly season settles in, we got festive with Square One Coffee Roasters. Bringing the year full circle, Square One had us kicking off the holiday season with their passion for bringing together local communities and supporting positive social and environmental changes. We rounded up a fantastic year with a natural Brazil for filter and the Fair & Square signature blend on espresso. 

And that's a wrap!

The year 2023 has been a remarkable journey for Thieves Coffee and its community, thanks to the diverse and talented roasters who helped make each month always delicious and always exciting for thousands of subscribers across the country.  Each and every roaster brought to the table their own unique story and personality to the Thieves Coffee experience. As we bid farewell to 2023 and welcome in our 10th year anniversary, we look forward to the new coffee adventures that await in the coming year. Cheers to another year of great coffee, and a massive shout out to all of you, we wouldn't be here without your unwavering support. So... thanks! We look forward to keeping you well-caffienated in 2024.


Much love, 

The Thieves Team

(Patrick, Hannah, Mel, Tanya, Toby, Nick, Lauren, and Amanda.)