March 01, 2024

The time has come to explore another fantastic Aussie roaster. This month we have a very special feature coming out of Western Australia – the one and only Margaret River Roasting Co.

Coffee fanatic and roaster extraordinaire, Isaac Kara, founded this gem of a roast-
ery with his two mates, James Tischhauser and Craig Woods, back in 2016 – when the coffee scene in the Margaret River region was basically non-existent. Being three hours away from a major city, they wanted to bring non-pretentious yet delicious coffee to their local community. Fast forward to today and they’re paving the way for specialty small-batch roasters in the region.

This month Margaret River Roasting Co. has chosen to showcase coffee beans grownin Queensland! This is the very first time Thieves is featuring coffee grown within Australia – pretty cool right? Their very special ‘Yira Yarkiny’ espresso roast comes from Jack Murat’s farm in Mareeba – located high on the Atherton Tablelands outside Cairns. The location is perfect for growing coffee beans. Drinking a cup of ‘Yira Yarkiny’ also means that you’re supporting Children’s Ground – a brilliant organisation that empowers First Nations communities to lead for the future and drive national reform.

From hosting tastings and workshops to engaging with local events and businesses, Margaret River Roasting Co. is actively  involved in cultivating a vibrant coffee culture that values quality, sustainability, and innovation. This grassroots effort is not just about selling coffee; it’s about building a community of coffee enthusiasts who appreciate the craft and care that goes into every cup.




The  Interview

We caught up with co-founder Isaac Kara to talk all about how he started Margaret River Roasting Co. with his friends James Tischhauser and Craig Woods, the coffee scene in WA and how to brew the best cup!

Tell us about you! What’s your coffee background?

Hi I’m Isaac, roaster and co-founder of Margaret River Roasting Co.! I’ve been
immersed in the coffee world for overtwenty years, starting in a small country café which sparked my love and, admittedly, addiction to coffee. This initial foray led me to specialty coffee shops, deepening my understanding and appreciation for the craft. My journey took a pivotal turn when I learned the art of roasting, laying the groundwork for my future in the industry. This experience, combined with a shared vision with close friends, inspired us to fill a noticeable void in our region for specialty coffee, leading to the creation of Margaret River Roasting Co.



How do you source your coffee beans and what do you look for in the beans
you use?

We are lucky enough to work with some great importers who are all very thorough and transparent with their green bean sourcing. All the coffees we buy aretraceable back to the mill or farm they are processed at – often to the farmers who produced them. We are always looking for coffees that we think really celebrate the countries and regions they come from and present a lovely balanced cup for everyone to enjoy. We especially love buying the same coffees year on year. It is a great way to support the farmers and families back at origin and our customers really enjoy seeing their favourite coffees return each season!

What is your mission at Margaret River Roasting Co.? Can you run us through
some of your company values and what your business stands for?

At Margaret River Roasting Co., our journey began from a shared passion for coffee, fueled by our personal connections to the industry and our collective addiction to the brew. Initially, our ambitions were straightforward, centred around our love for coffee. However, as our journey evolved, so did our mission, expanding to encompass a profound commitment to nurturing relationships and building a community that mirrors a family. Despite the challenges, we prioritise cultivating a supportive and healthy environment.

Beyond our foundational love for coffee, we are dedicated to sustainability. It’s more than a trend for us; it’s a core value driven by a desire to leave the planet better than we found it. This commitment became even more personal and urgent with the birth of our children, underscoring the importance of operating in a manner that respects and preserves our environment for future generations.

Can you give our home brewers some hot tips to make the most out of this
month’s coffee? Share all your industry super secrets to brewing the best cuppa.

Experiment! We can provide guidelines to how to prepare our coffee but we are all so different and coffee is so subjective: there is no one right flavour or technique. If I’ve learned anything over the last 20 years, it’s that you need to find what works for you! Break some rules, try some different doses, change the temp. Have fun!


The Coffee



For their espresso feature, Margarat River Roasting Co. selected a standout coffee from Mareeba, Queensland, Australia, sourced from Jack Murat’s farm. They named it ‘Yira Yarkiny’, which translates to ‘Stand Tall’ in the Noongar dialect. The Yira Yarkiny bean pays tribute to all First Nations people – bringing the West and the East together. Versatile enough to be enjoyed with milk or savoured as a straight black espresso. Its uniqueness lies in its quality and potential to spearhead a series of distinguished coffees from this farm and, more broadly, the Australian region.

In crafting Yira Yarkiny, we’re embracing our commitment to First Nations people. We’re proud to support Children’s Ground, a First Nations organisation, with every bag purchased. Children’s Ground empowers First Nations communities to lead for the future and drives national reform.” – The Margaret River Roasting Co. Team



Coffee Origin:

Mareeba, Queensland, Australia


Washed process


Red & Yellow Catuai

Tasting Notes:

Notes of cocoa, raisins, and biscotti 

Dose in: 20g
Dose Out: 40g
Time: 28-30 Seconds




Coffee Origin:



Anaerobic Fermentation




Dose: 15g to 250ml water
Bloom: 40g for 40 seconds
Pour: 210ml water over the next 1 minute 50 seconds