November 02, 2022

Get ready to deep dive into some world class Latin American coffee this month. We’ve teamed up with Melbourne based small batch roastery, El Parche Coffee Roasters, to bring you two very special coffees. Expect big flavours, big body and big personality!

El Parche is the brainchild of Colombian coffee expert Jorge Ruiz. As the Founder and Director, Ruiz wears many hats. He’s a world class roaster, green buyer and entrepreneur specialising in specialty Latin American coffee. Ruiz is on a mission to share beans from his homeland with Australia and stay connected with his culture all while doing what he loves… roasting delicious coffee!

Before launching El Parche, Ruiz ran a number of businesses in the food and beverage industry back home in Colombia – launching successful cafes and connecting with local coffee growers. Now El Parche prides itself on their small batch roasts – sourcing unique beans from Latin America that may not have otherwise made it to Australia.

You’ll notice that this month’s coffee is an ode to Colombia and Brazil – two South American countries that have a rich coffee producing history. Dark chocolatey espresso beans and a complex filter coffee filled with notes of berries and figs is what this month is all about!



This month’s filter coffee showcases some pretty special beans grown in Ruiz’s homeland of Colombia. Ruiz chose to feature coffee specifically from the Buesaco region – located high in the mountains of Nariño in southwestern Colombia. Nariño is a well-known coffee growing region that borders Ecuador and has a beautiful coastline. Thanks to the region’s famous Galeras volcano, which is considered the most active volcano in Colombia, this farming hotspot is jam packed with top-notch soil – perfect for growing some of the best coffee beans around. The high altitude doesn’t hurt either! Expect great sweetness and complex acidity – a medium roast which enhances flavours of dark berries, grapefruit, figs and honey.

Coffee Origin:

Tasting Notes:
Notes of dark berries, grapefruit, figs and honey

Suggested Recipe for Filter (V60):
Dose 15g coffee and 250ml water
50g - 60g bloom for 35 seconds
Slowly top-up another 100g before 1:45 minutes
Top-up once more to 250ml before 2:15 minutes

El Amazonas

The great Amazon River flows through South America and has been celebrated as the life blood of the continent for centuries. Ruiz chose to name this month’s espresso and capsule coffee blend after the great El Amazonas because the delicious beans come from Brazil and Colombia, two neighbouring countries which the Amazon runs through and provides for. These beans have been roasted to perfection at a medium-dark roast to bring out the more delicate Colombian flavours and add more body and dark chocolate notes from the Brazilian beans. Enjoy flavours of cane syrup, dark chocolate and sweet hazelnut. Perfect for brewing a beautiful espresso or paired with milk.

Coffee Origin:
Brazil & Colombia

Tasting Notes:
Notes of cane syrup, dark chocolate and sweet hazelnut

Suggested Recipe for Espresso:
19g dose in
38g yield
In 20 seconds