July 07, 2020

Chances are you’ve heard of the talented Jibbi Little, Australia’s current Latte Art champion. If not, we suggest you drop everything you’re doing right now and go watch a few videos of her in action!

Jibbi’s been in the Sydney coffee scene since moving over from Thailand in 2006. She was working part-time at a cafe while studying when she discovered her love for latte art.

Her passion for coffee led her to becoming a highly regarded barista, latte art specialist, Q-grader competition judge, and now an award winning coffee roaster. She also designed and founded the popular JIBBIJUG milk pitchers that help you craft beautiful latte art at home. Jibbi’s diverse coffee background has given her the perfect skill set for roasting her own top-notch blends and single origins out of her Sydney roastery.

Australia’s Queen of Latte Art may be new to the roasting scene but her multi-award winning coffee sure does pack a punch. Jibbi ventured into the world of roasting on a mission to introduce new and exciting flavours to the market. Unique coffee beans have been sourced from micro-lot farms, in places like Tanzania and Brazil, to make things interesting.

Her obsession with quality is apparent in everything she sets out to do. It makes sense that her mission is “to serve a coffee roasted with great care and to achieve the perfect balance of flavours. Sweetness, clarity, and texture in a cup with great mouthfeel.” We can all get on board with that!

“Judging coffee competitions is a great way to set my roasting standard to the highest level.” — Jibbi Little

Jibbi has chosen two brilliant coffees for you to enjoy this month. One is an espresso blend and the other is a single origin for our filter lovers. Get ready to experience some truly magical cups of coffee!

Espresso Blend: Magic

The name “Magic” comes from the reaction of customers once they take their first sip of this magical espresso blend. The beans were sourced from Tanzania and Brazil to create a truly special brew. With notes of tropical fruit, caramel, and chocolate - you really can’t go wrong with this gem.

Blend Components

Tanzania AA Olturoto Estate

Brazil Cerrado NY2 Montanari

Flavour Notes

Tropical fruit with caramel and chocolate

Espresso Recipe

  • Dose: 22g
  • Water: 93.5C
  • Yield: 40g
  • Extraction time: 24-28 seconds

Filter Single Origin: Tanzania

The perfect single origin coffee to showcase Tanzania’s exotic flavour profile. Often overshadowed by its African neighbours, Tanzania is an exciting coffee origin to explore. This specific roast features notes of blackcurrant, floral, citrus, and milk chocolate. Tanzania Single Origin is a full bodied and fragrant coffee with good acidity. A home brewing favourite!

Flavour Notes

Blackcurrant, floral, citrus, and milk chocolate


Tanzanian AA Olturoto Estate Arabica

Roast: Medium-Light

Filter Recipe

  • Grind size: Medium grounds
  • Dose: 15g
  • Water: 260g (90C - 92C)
  • Yield: 40g
  • Extraction time: 2 minutes 30-45 seconds.
  1. During the first 30 seconds slowly pour 40g of water over the coffee grounds. Make sure all grounds are wet.
  2. Finish pouring the remaining water after 1 minute 30 seconds.
  3. Remove the dripper from the server.

We’re so excited to be featuring the legendary Jibbi Little this month and hope you enjoy every sip of her amazing roasts. She’s an absolute jack of all trades and we can’t wait to see what amazing coffee she roasts in the future!



Jibbi Little

Jibbi Little

Jibbi Little