Thieves Coffee Capsules - El Pache

Thieves Coffee Capsules - El Pache

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Our special edition Nespresso compatible capsule features showcase a new bean, origin, or approach to capsule espresso extraction. One thing you can look forward to is an eclectic selection of delicious Australian coffee delivered to your house each month.

El Amazonas

The great Amazon River flows through South America and has been celebrated as the life blood of the continent for centuries. Ruiz chose to name this month’s espresso and capsule coffee blend after the great El Amazonas because the delicious beans come from Brazil and Colombia, two neighbouring countries which the Amazon runs through and provides for. These beans have been roasted to perfection at a medium-dark roast to bring out the more delicate Colombian flavours and add more body and dark chocolate notes from the Brazilian beans. Enjoy flavours of cane syrup, dark chocolate and sweet hazelnut. Perfect for brewing a beautiful espresso or paired with milk.

Coffee Origin:
Brazil & Colombia

Tasting Notes:
Notes of cane syrup, dark chocolate and sweet hazelnut


Single Pack contains 10 pods.
* Capsules are suitable for all original style Nespresso® machines

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