RIVERS Ultra Light Hiker Mug S

RIVERS Ultra Light Hiker Mug S

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Born out of the US’s long-distance hiking trails, “ultralight” is a style of hiking that provides you with the mental capacity to fully connect with nature by reducing as much weight from gear as safely possible—bringing you physically closer to nature—and thus reducing physical strain. This mug was developed for those hikers seeking such extreme lightness. Made from titanium and only weighing 34 g, this mug is still able to hold 180 ml and is the perfect size for a cup of coffee or soup. If you fill it up to the very edge, the cup can hold around 200 ml or about one cup of rice, making it handy as a measuring cup while camping.


Uncommon in titanium mugs, this mug features a sleek, rounded design. Coupled with the open handle, this design allows the mugs to be stacked when being carried or stored.


Also, as lovers of ultralight gear ourselves, we recommend pairing these mugs with the MICRO COFFEE DRIPPER (MCD). Made with the goal of being the world’s smallest coffee dripper in mind, the MCD is the right size to hold 10 g of coffee, which should be extracted with around 140 ml of water. The 34 g HIKER MUG, 36 g MCD and 10 g of coffee beans combine to make a tiny coffee set weighing only 80 g.


– Material : titanium
– Capacity : 180ml
– Size : W113mm×D85mm×H56mm
– Weight : approx34g

Thieves Coffee is official Authorized Australian Distributor by RIVERS JP

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