Everyday Coffee Capsules - Mucho Gusto

Everyday Coffee Capsules - Mucho Gusto

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Peebies comes from the word peaberries and are beans that are sized at less than screen 14. Our stringent quality analysis ensures that the coffees that we mill are of the highest quality. But sometimes there are great quality beans that don’t meet the minimum size requirements for certain preparations. Peebies are those great coffees that slip through the cracks. Sometimes these small beans are peaberries. Normally the cherry of the coffee plant contains 2 beans that develop with flat sides against each other like two halves of a peanut. Occasionally, one of the coffee beans doesn’t develop the flat side and remains small and round, and these are known as the peaberries. Peebies usually tend to taste sweeter and more flavourful. About 5% of the world’s coffee falls into the peebies category. 

Mucho Gusto! Much Flavour! 
With this blend we pay homage to the Italian style roasts that created the Melbourne coffee culture boom. Mucho Gusto is big, rich and bold! Now neatly packaged in biodegradable capsule form. Convenience never tasted so good!

These coffee capsules are made of renewable raw materials (Terrablend®)and are AS4736 Certified compostable. They will break down completely in an industrial composter or if placed in landfill will have a much lower impact than regular coffee capsules.

Origin: 60% Colombia Cauca, 40% Brazil Fazenda Furnas
Process: Fully Washed, Pulp Natural

Tasting Notes: Big, rich and bold!

Origin: Brazil and Colombia

Single Pack contains 10 pods.
* Capsules are suitable for all original style Nespresso® machines

Biodegradable and compostable.

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