RIVERS Loop Air 850 Drink Bottle

RIVERS Loop Air 850 Drink Bottle

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Lightweight multi-bottle with a "loop handle" that makes you want to carry it with you. It is useful in a variety of everyday situations, from walks to workouts in gym.

Grab the big loop and go where you want to!

Carrying a drink lightly in "daily life", Loop Air was designed with such idea. A narrow, easy-to-drink drinking hole. The handle easy to hold is hidden in the sleek style. Because you carry it with you every day, we gave top priority to ease of use.

-Easy to carry with the loop handle

The large loop stored in the lid can be lifted up to become a handle for carrying the bottle. In addition to being carried by hand, the bottle can also be hung on a hook hanger or attached to a bag using a carabiner. The loop handle fits neatly into the lid and can easily fit into the side pocket of a backpack.

-Narrow drinking hole for easy drinking like a plastic bottle

The narrow drinking hole design prevents drinks from spilling into the mouth, making it easy to drink while walking or taking a stroll. The screw thread is on the inside so that it does not interfere with the mouthfeel. The lid with the drinking spout is removable, which makes it easy to put large ice cubes in the bottle, and to wash the inside of the bottle from top to bottom for repeated use.

-Includes a 50ml unit scale. Can also be used as a shaker for powdered protein.

Two sizes are available: 500ml for everyday use and 850ml for use at a sports gym. Both sizes come with a 50ml scale that lets you know at a glance how much you have left in your drink. The highly airtight seal also makes them suitable for use as a powdered protein shaker after a workout too.

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After pouring boiling water into the bottle, the bottle becomes hot, and touching it with bare hands may cause burns. When pouring boiling water, please use gloves or wrap a towel or hand towel around the bottle.

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