RIVERS Wallmug Shade

RIVERS Wallmug Shade

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Vacuum stainless steel tumbler developed for "the best drinking experience in the world". Also suitable for iced drinks.

A vacuum stainless steel tumbler designed to provide the best drinking experience in the world.

-The large hole of drinking tap to enjoy the aroma of the drink
While cups with lids have advantages such as keeping drinks cool, preventing spills, and avoiding dust, they can also make drinking a little difficult. To solve this problem, we made the hole in the cup as large as possible and designed the lid so that the drink can be drunk naturally as if the lid were not there. The result is an ideal lid that allows you to feel the aroma of the drink.

-The vacuum insulation structure allows for long-lasting heat and cold retention
The vacuum insulated structure keeps the drink at a delicious temperature for a long time, making it possible to keep it warm or cold for a long time. This is surprisingly the first thermos tumbler for Rivers, which until now has mostly been made of plastic.

-Exquisite lid design for easy drinking even of hot beverages
The lid is designed so that even those with sensitive tongue can drink hot biverages with ease. The distance of 1.5 cm between the drinking hole and the edge of the lid is designed so that the temperature of the drink is lowered by the air before it touches the mouth.

-Two-way design as a tumbler and a cup without the lid
The rim of the cup is unpainted, so it feels good to the touch, and it is also recommended to drink directly from the cup with the lid removed. You can enjoy a crisp cold beer with it, or draw latte art on it. Please enjoy a variety of drinks.
Capacity: 0.3L
Weight: about 199g
Size: W81mm x D85mm x H141mm
Raw Materials: stainless steel (body, lid) / Polypropylene (lid) / Silicone rubber (lid)
Heatproof temperature: 78c or higher (1 hour), 42c or higher (6 hours)
Cold resistance temperature: 5c or lower (1 hour), 10c or lower (6 hours)
Country of Origin: China
This product is not microwave oven safe, Only the lid can be used in the dishwasher.

Thieves Coffee is official Authorized Australian Distributor by RIVERS JP

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