August 01, 2019



We’re excited to reintroduce Square One Coffee as August’s featured roaster.

Since its inception in 2014 Square One has developed an outstanding reputation for consistently supplying amazing coffees to some of Melbourne’s top high-volume cafés, including Higher Ground, The Kettle Black, and Top Paddock. For this month’s featured coffees, we chatted with Elika Rowell - Head Roaster and Green Buyer, about Square One’s social and environmental collaboration with Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza (FAF Coffees) in Brazil. “

FAF are doing an amazing job in Brazil. Led by Silvia Barretto, her husband, Marcos Croce, and their son, Felipe Croce, the family produces coffees that are consistently high in quality and don’t taste like typical Brazilian beans. They have a very unique project called Bobolink from which both of these coffees come.

Bobolink coffees are all family produced and conform to FAF’s “triple bottom line” business model – that emphasizes balanced rewards for “people, profit and planet.”

The Bobolink coffees are grown in one of the highest producing regions in Brazil. With altitudes ranging from 1000-1400 meters, this coffee is all family farmed on small plots of land. According to Elika, “Instead of treating coffee as a homogenous product, they focus on smaller lots and harvesting unique flavors. This includes a network of farmers working together and exchanging information in order to innovate, evolve, and produce some of the most special coffees in the world. Their philosophy is to achieve the highest quality out of each bean while taking into account social and environmental responsibility.”

And it’s not just Square One’s ethical sourcing initiatives that will impress - this month’s coffees are also sure to blow your taste buds away.

For our espresso fans we have Brazil Bobolink Pirapitinga Valley - with notes of chocolate, plum and honey.

Elika recommends the following recipe:


  • Dose: 21
  • Yield: 46
  • Extraction time: 28-32 secs

For our filter lovers we’re featuring Brazil Bobolink Serra do Cigano Valley Reserva with some beautiful cherry, peach and cream notes. The Serra do Cigano Valley and wet mill sits in the mountains bordering the states of São Paulo and Minas Gerais.

Try these recipes for your filter blend:


  • 15g coffee
  • 250g water
  • Total contact time 2:45 minutes.
  • Bloom 45g with agitation until at 30 sec add the rest of the water in a steady stream. Finish with two stirs.


  • 12g coffee
  • 200g water
  • Total contact time 1:25 min
  • Use a finer grind than you would with a v60

Traditional Aeropress method:

  • Bloom 40g water with quick agitation
  • Add the rest of the water straight away
  • Cap with inner chamber
  • Start pressing at 50 seconds
  • Aim to complete press by 1:25min

We love the fact that this month’s head roaster Elika Rowell, and the leader of FAF Coffees in Brazil, Silvia Barretto, are both pioneering women in the coffee industry. Each is blazing a path in a typically male dominated field, and we are all the better for it. And so is the coffee. Enjoy!

Visit Square One Coffee Roasters: 58/76 Stephenson St, Cremorne VIC 3121