November 27, 2014

Citrus, cherries, and cocoa; all part of the Industry.

The backstreets of Fitzroy are some of the most colourful and creative in Melbourne. Always bustling with a cacophony of sound, a mix of creative people, art and culture. Lest we  forget it’s also a never-ending hub for leading-edge cafes, bars and restaurants, where the new coexists with the old in perfect harmony. 

It’s easy to understand why Industry Beans is based here and why they draw inspiration for their blends from the streets around them.

Industry Beans was co-founded by brothers Steven and Trevor Simmons in 2010. Already having opened a bustling cafe in Northcote, the Simmons brothers were driven by curiosity and a belief that the coffee roasting process offered possibilities that had not been fully explored. Initially setting up in a tiny garage on a shoestring budget five years ago, Industry Beans has established itself at the forefront of Melbourne’s internationally renowned coffee scene. Today, you can watch it all happen under one magnificently innovative roof in Fitzroy.

“The future? Forging direct trade relationships with growers across the world and continuing to share our love for coffee with Melbourne and the rest of Australia.”

Housed in an open-planned award-winning warehouse conversion, Industry Beans is a coffee roastery, restaurant and brew bar. Each week they offer a new selection of freshly roasted coffees through a wide range of brewing methods. Not only is their coffee top notch, be prepared to indulge in a boundary-pushing food menu crafted by head chef Jess Allen. 

Their experienced and passionate coffee roasting team work tirelessly throughout the year to source the best specialty grade green coffee grown across the globe, spanning from the slopes of Mount Kenya to the valleys of the Baru Volcano in Panama. And they’re winning awards to prove it - winning both Best Boutique Roaster at Fairfax Media’s Good Cafe Awards and Best Café at the prestigious British Restaurant and Bar Design Awards in London. 

All this leads us to this month’s selected coffee: The Rose St Blend. One of their most popular blends, it features three exceptional specialty-grade coffee beans sourced from outstanding growers on three separate continents. The result is a rich and satisfying sensory experience with a finish that lingers on the palate. Taken with or without milk the Rose Street has a full bodied flavour profile, with a citrus acidity balanced by a rich cherry and long cocoa finish. It doesn’t get any better than this.

From coffee, to new food and cafe design, Trevor and Steven are innovating on all fronts. Their passion and commitment reflects the vibe and service experience only found at Industry Beans; a definite must visit if you’re in Melbourne. 

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Photos by Gareth Sobey. 

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