November 11, 2019




As most book lovers, or bibliophiles, know, a “first edition” is that rare and sought-after book that constantly keeps collectors on the hunt. Beautiful first editions are typically rare and in almost all cases extremely valuable. And always, “condition,”more than any other thing, drives the value–how pristine, how visually attractive, how beautiful is the book? When we first met the team from Edition Coffee Roasters in Sydney, we couldn’t help but think of this allusion to the rarefied world of first edition book collecting as those same adjectives apply to everything that Daniel Jackson, Co- Founder and “Captain” of Edition Coffee, and his team do.

The aesthetic of their operations – especially at their flagship store in Haymarket, is a completely one-of-a-kind fusion of Scandinavian and Japanese design. Shades of black and charcoal coloured wood are everywhere in this café cum fine dining restaurant and immediately put the visitor at ease. The food is outstanding, the coffee even better.

Many roasters in Australia can claim the moniker of “award-winning” – but Edition Coffee may be in a class all on its own in this department. How many roasters can claim the endorsement of René Redzepi? René is the world- famous owner and head chef of Denmark’s two-Michelin star restaurant Noma, four times voted the world’s best restaurant. Edition is his coffee of choice when visiting Down Under and we can understand why.

Edition’s coffee philosophy revolves largely around single origin – they strive to simplify things down to their very essence, and highlight that one or two flavours that make a coffee bean or region unique. Cases in point are our two selections this month, two beautiful coffees, one from Brazil and the other from Colombia.

Espresso: Brazil Mantiqueira, Natural

Flavour notes: chocolate brownie, almonds, orange

Lot 227/18

Situated in the southern Minas Gerais State, with over 100 years of tradition in producing high quality coffee. The Mantiqueira de Minas region was acknowledged as a Protected Geographical Indication in 2011, due to tradition and its worldwide reputation for producing high-quality coffee. The region has over 9,200 producers, with the vast majority being small family farms and cooperatives.

Filter: Colombia El Paraiso Flavour

Notes: triple berry cheesecake, black grapes, passionfruit

12 years ago, Diego Bermudez, the owner of Finca El Paraiso founded a new farm in the municipality of Piendamó in Cauca Region. The climate there is characterised by humid temperatures and a high frequency of mild Pacific winds that contribute to the tropical notes of their coffees. Only the ripest cherries are taken to the mill. Before de-pulping, the cherries are processed for 24 hours. Afterward, fermentation begins in the mucilage (fruit) for 36 hours at 19°C, with a humidity of 57%, it is then enters drying machines for 28 hours.


If brewed on a commercial espresso machine, Daniel recommends:


  • Dose: 21 grams
  • Yield: 45 grams
  • Extraction time: 28-30 seconds

Filter:  V60

  • Dose: 11.5 grams
  • Yield: 230 ml of water, just off boil
  • Brew time: 2:00 to 2:20 minutes

Edition Coffee Roaster’s selections this month are truly amazing - we know you will love them as much as we have. Good drinking!



Edition Roasters Cafe

Edition Roasters Cafe