Thieves Coffee - New Packaging Guide

🌿 Our Commitment to a Greener Future

At Thieves Coffee, we've always strived to bring you the finest coffee beans while keeping the planet in mind. Our company values have been and always will align with making conscious and sustainable choices for a greener future.

We're thrilled to share an exciting change – we're transitioning from cardboard box packaging to recyclable bags! This is just another step towards our ongoing commitment to continuously reduce our carbon footprint and do our part in working towards a greener future.

Same Great Coffee, New Eco-Friendly Packaging:

Rest assured, the switch to paper bags doesn't change the quality of our coffee. You'll still receive the same exceptional beans, roasted to perfection and delivered with the care you've come to expect from being a valued subscriber at Thieves Coffee.

Ongoing subscriptions will now receive a durable paper bag made from fully recyclable material. All new Regular and Gift subscriptions will still receive our original cardboard box packaging on their first order, then bags for all subsequent deliveries.

Why the Change?

Our love for coffee is boundless, and so is our commitment to the planet. Environmental responsibility is at the core of Thieves Coffee and is the backbone of our company, which is why we have always prioritised searching far and wide for sustainable, environmentally friendly coffee for you to enjoy at home.

While cardboard boxes have served us well over the past 10 years, we believe in constant improvement. Our decision to embrace cardboard bags is rooted in the desire to minimise our ecological footprint. Embracing bags as a packaging solution is a leap towards this. It's a choice driven by our passion for quality coffee and our responsibility to the environment.

Our new bags are crafted from fully recyclable paper materials, ensuring easy kerbside paper collection and recycling. Our recycled paper bags are also far less bulky than cardboard boxes, effectively reducing the use of non-renewable resources and cutting down on waste. 


The takeaway? Less bulk, less packaging and easy to recycle! It's our way of blending convenience with eco-friendliness.

What Makes Paper Bags Special?

Eco-Friendly Materials: Our new bags are compact, fully recyclable and made from paper, meaning a significantly lower environmental impact than traditional cardboard packaging.

Reduced Carbon Footprint: The production of bags results in lower carbon emissions compared to ink-printed cardboard boxes, aligning with our goal to be a carbon-conscious business.

Convenient for You: The bags are far more convenient than our previous packaging while ensuring your coffee arrives fresh and delicious. After use, simply dispose of them in your recycle bin. Furthermore, the volume of the bags is far more compact than boxes so they won’t take up space in your mailbox.

Transition Timeline:

The transition will be gradual and expected to roll out from mid-February 2024. Your feedback is important to us. We're here to answer any questions you may have and appreciate your continued support as we embrace a greener packaging solution.

Thank you for being a part of the Thieves Coffee family. Let's brew a better, more sustainable world, one cup at a time!


Questions? Start a conversation with us via the instant chat function on our website or send an email to: