March 01, 2023

Introducing this month’s very special Melbourne-based roaster, Cool Hand Coffee! The unique thing about Cool Hand is their strong commitment to sourcing through direct trade as much as possible. From making regular trips to coffee hot spots to playing with new techniques & methods – their team is passionate and eager to push the boundaries.

We love celebrating women breaking barriers, especially during WHM, which is why we want to shine a light on Cool Hand’s close collaborator and legendary Colombian coffee farmer  Sara Gutierrez! The Cool Hand gang has been working alongside Sara since they started out and they don’t plan on moving on anytime soon.

Sara’s story is an extraordinary one. Five years ago her farm was rudimentary. Through her hard work and dedication she significantly grew her business – experimenting with advanced coffee processing techniques and growing over 10 specialised varietals! She’s also become a qualified Q-Grader and was elected as the first treasurer of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance chapter in Colombia. Many might also say that her most impressive accomplishment is her dedication to mentoring less advanced farmers in the area and helping them expand as well. Did we mention she’s not even 30-years-old yet? What a legend.

There’s no doubt that Cool Hand Coffee’s relationship with the Colombian coffee industry runs deep. They even take groups of coffee enthusiasts over to Colombia! The trip includes unforgettable visits to local farms and communities. If you’re interested in joining them, the next group heads over this April. Spontaneous Colombia trip anyone?





This month we spoke to the talented Jack Vicars, Head Roaster for Cool Hand Coffee. Jack chats to us about his favourite Melbourne cafes, what music he listens to and how he makes coffee at home!

Where did the name ‘Cool Hand Coffee’ come from?

It’s a reference to the film Cool Hand Luke! The main character is a cheeky, riotous guy who goes against the grain. We wanted to take that same approach to our coffee. So yeah, as a business we pride ourselves on being creative and shaking things up!

Where are your usual coffee haunts?

Obviously, wherever we have coffee stocked at the moment! Maker Coffee in Richmond is one of my absolute favourite spots to go to for coffee. Also, Head In The Clouds Coffee in South Yarra is an awesome little place. I love going there!

How do you have your coffee at home?

Filter all the way. I like to use my V60. Last year at MICE we saw a lot of hype around the Origami Dripper. I’d love to get one of those next!

What are your current favourite tracks to listen to while roasting coffee?

I moonlight as a vinyl DJ, so I’m pretty much always listening to music. Most of the music I’m listening to is online in DJ mixes, so I usually smash out a few of those in a single roasting session. I’ll be sure to send you a playlist of only
the best.






A brilliant filter roast using beans from Sara’s farm. Named after the reaction that the Cool Hand Team had when they tried it for the first time. Gosh!

Coffee Origin:

Tasting Notes:
Vanilla, cherry, dark chocolate and dates

Suggested Recipe for Filter:
Dose 15g
Water 240 grams
Bloom 50 grams for 35 seconds
Pour 190 grams of water till 1:10 minutes



Liquid Logic

A blend of beans from Sara and her friend Oliverio Ruiz’s farms. Ruiz was mentored by Sara and the two often collaborate on very special blends such as this one!

Coffee Origin:

Tasting Notes:
Cherry ripe, dark chocolate, toasted hazelnut and pear

Suggested Recipe for Espresso:
Dose in 20g
Dose out 50g
28 seconds
9 bars of pressure