August 31, 2023

This month we bring you one of our very favourite Melbourne roasteries, Rumble Coffee Roasters! We bring Rumble back every now and then because they roast unbelievable coffee and are massive advocates for transparently sourced specialty coffee. This year is no different. Both their filter and espresso coffee, created especially for Thieves, are sure to warm you up while we wait for spring to set in. 

Based in a large brick warehouse in Melbourne’s western suburb of Kensington – the Rumble gang has been passionately collaborating with their favourite producers from around the world to bring their loyal coffee drinkers delicious go-to’s and unique single origins alike. Started in 2014, founders Joe Molloy and Matt Hampton combined their years of hospitality and specialty coffee experience to create their dream roastery and cafe. Make sure to visit their espresso bar, which is attached to the roastery, if you’re ever in Kensington. It will not disappoint! 


Our team sat down with the founders of Rumble Coffee Roasters, Joe Molloy and Matt Hampton, to chat about all things roasting, the origins of Rumble and sourcing coffee.

Tell us about you. What’s your coffee background?

I’ve been making coffee since forever! So long ago it was actually a different century and along the way I ran and owned espresso bars and cafes before learning how to roast. Matt was a chef who stumbled into coffee roasting and never looked back.

How did Rumble get started?

After many years of running espresso bars and cafes, we started roasting coffee, and that was all we wanted to do from then on. We’ve been roasting and rumbling in Kensington since 2014.

Where did the name come from?

We wanted to roast knock-out coffee...and we still do!

How do you source your coffee beans and what do you look for in the beans you use?

We are super particular about the coffee we use. It not only has to taste great but it’s important to us to share the pricing info around the coffee. That means that not every importer or farmer can work with us. We are strong believers in the importance of transparency in coffee pricing and that’s why we publish what we pay for all our coffee on our website. We also share that info with an international body, Transparent Trade Coffee, who collates it with other coffee purchases from around the world and then shares it with growers and buyers. The goal being to disconnect the price of specialty coffee from the commodity price. It can all get quite complicated, but what it comes down to is that you need to pay for good coffee. To support an industry, where farmers can earn more than the cost of production and have the resources to prepare for a changing climate, the consumer is going to have to step up and pay more for the good stuff.

How would you describe your coffee to someone who’s never tasted it before?

Delicious, transparently sourced specialty coffee. We only buy coffee we love and then roast it to enhance its natural flavours.

Aside from at home, where can our subscribers drink your coffee?

We’ve just opened a bakery round the corner from the roastery called DoubleDutch and they are  brewing our coffee and making delicious baked treats from Monday to Saturday.

What are your passions outside of coffee? Where can we expect to find you on a Saturday evening?

After a day in the surf, Matt can be found at his favourite local Bar Lombardo. I do Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and am likely to be found recovering on the couch watching action movies with my son!

What do you consider your most notable coffee achievements? Specifically, how has coffee shaped you and brought along some unique and awesome experiences?

Our Transparency Project is our proudest achievement. Putting the focus on the coffee grower and how they need to earn a fair share of the final value is something we will always champion. 

What do you think is most exciting in your local coffee scene right now?

Double Dutch Bakery! It’s hard to go anywhere else when we have our own bakery right around the corner. All the taste testing is hard work!

What are some sectors within the specialty coffee scene that you would like to see  changes in?

Buy good coffee from independent coffee roasters. Support your local cafes and learn how to brew the best coffee possible!

Tell us about what’s in store for Rumble for the rest of the year? Any exciting or upcoming projects to note?

New blends! We’ve listened to our customers and launched a filter blend called Sweet Science that is super easy to brew and consistently delicious. We are also developing a dark roast blend to keep the old school coffee drinkers happy.



Guatemala Marlon El Valle

The gang over at Rumble has always had a close relationship with Guatemalan coffee producer and good friend Marlon El Valle. Marlon’s family has been growing coffee in the Huehuetenango area, located in the beautiful mountainous northern highlands region in Guatemala, for over 25 years. It’s a family affair where passion for growing meets a love for their community. This year Rumble has teamed up with Marlon to bring you an incredibly delicious, classic washed Guatemalan coffee. Best enjoyed on a chilly Monday morning right before you open up that first email of the week!

Coffee Origin: Guatemala

Tasting Notes: Expect notes of sweet milk chocolate, apricot and green grapes

Recipe (V60 Pour Over):

Dose: 15g to 250ml water
Bloom: 50g for 30 seconds
Pour: Slowly pour the remaining water, aiming for a 3:30 brew time

Santo Antonio

Rumble’s featured espresso coffee is from another one of their long-time friends over in Brazil – coffee producer Pedro Gabarra. The coffee is called Santo Antonio after Pedro’s beautiful farm. It’s a natural process Mundo Novo varietal. The talented team over at Santo Antonio has long been the backbone of Rumble’s mighty go-to Shadow Boxer Espresso blend as well. Coffee from this area tends to be wonderfully full-bodied and sweet. Best enjoyed on a Saturday morning while cooking up breakfast at home!

Coffee Origin: Brazil
Tasting Notes: Look for caramel, raspberry and red apple

Dose: 21g
Yield: 40g
Time: 30 seconds