May 31, 2023

Welcome to another month of Thieves! With the weather getting chillier by the day we hope this box of delicious beans, by the amazing gang over at Infinity Coffee Roasters, warms you up.

With their headquarters smack dab in the middle of the cafe studded Sydney suburb of Hornsby, the Infinity Coffee Roasters team has been supplying Australians with thoughtfully crafted roasts since 2012. Infinity founder, Frankie Shi, is recognised in the industry for being a prize-winning roaster and barista, as well as a latte art champion! Right now his main focus is on sourcing unbelievable beans and roasting them to perfection.

We sat down with Frankie and asked him a few questions about how he fell into the coffee biz and his love for collaborating with sustainable farmers.



How did you get into the coffee industry?

My story begins long before winning the title of Cup-Tasters Champion (NSW/ACT) back in 2013 for the first time.  I was lucky enough to go on to win it four times in total - and it really set me on my path in the coffee industry! I moved to Australia when I was 19 from Shanghai and started working as a barista. Through that job I discovered my true passion for coffee. Following my time as a barista, I worked as a roaster, trainer and cafe owner for over two decades.

In 2012 I established Infinity Coffee Roasters, which was then named Tulipshi. When I was immersed in the Australian cafe culture, I became obsessed with coffee which led to a passion for quality. Wanting to learn more about the process, I began roasting coffee beans at home – attempting to learn everything I could about coffee and how to perfect it.

How do you source your coffee beans and what do you look for in the beans you use?

Our coffee is not only ethically sourced, it’s also sustainably grown and produced. As a specialty coffee company, we care about the coffee producers we deal with every day. We carefully choose which origin farmers we want to partner with – make sure that they have a focus on sustainable practices and on the ground resources available to support their producers. Wherever possible, we deal with the origin producer via our reliable green bean partners and agree on the price paid to them with direct communication and transparency. I often fly over to the origin coffee farms to source particular coffee and provide local producers with feedback.

Are there any other interesting facts you’d like to share with our Thieves community?

We actually use Chinese beans in almost all our blends! The quality of coffee from the Yunnan Region of China has been improving every year! Better farming practices are also being used and coffee is being planted at higher elevations than before. As an immigrant from China, I am so proud to be showcasing Chinese coffee in Australia.




“It’s safe to say Australian coffee is among some of the best in the world. I’m always inspired by the hard work and passion of both past and present Australian coffee entrepreneurs!”

– Frankie Shi of Infinity Coffee Roasters



Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Chelichele Gr. 1 FW / Washed 

This month’s filter coffee is from Ethiopia. Infinity lightly roasts the coffee, slightly longer than the espresso roast, to help develop the beans’ unique flavour, body, acidity and sweetness.

Coffee Origin:

Tasting Notes:
Pineapple, lime, blueberry and apple

Suggested Recipe for Filter:

Dose in 20g to 280 ml of 94℃ water
Brew over 2 minutes and 30 seconds
Total beverage yield of 300ml



Dark Owl Blend / China, Brazil, Colombia / Washed
This very special espresso blend by Infinity has won both the silver and gold medals several times at the Australian Golden Bean Roasters Competition! It’s a medium roast featuring a full body.

Coffee Origin:
China, Brazil & Colombia

Tasting Notes:
Juicy red apple, raisin, caramel & cacao

Suggested Recipe for Espresso:

Dose in 20-22g
Yield of 40-44g
Extracted over 26-32 seconds