Incasa Tamper

Incasa Tamper

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The InCasa Tampers are a heavy built, quality tamper with black aluminium handle and satin finish of a stainless steel flat base that offers the perfect fit for smaller sized filter baskets whilst still achieving the maximum effectiveness for ideal tamping.

The best tamper reaches right to the edges of your filter baskets allowing absolute pressure distribution across the entire surface of your ground coffee so the espressos run smooth and extract all the delicious flavours the beans have to offer. Standard Tampers are often disappointing and ineffective.

Standard default tampers can be made of plastic, are light and usually not precise to the size of the filter basket, having a gap to the sides when tamping. This makes you tamp over and over trying to get all the grounds evenly pressed. This does however create inconsistencies in the puck of coffee where channeling will occur decreasing the overall extraction of your beans.

A perfect fit tamp will require only one solid press down on to the bed of coffee, like a piston, directly across all the coffee at once, leaving no gaps and ideal even pressure and compression of ground coffee from top to bottom, left to right. InCasa tampers fit a whole range of Automatic and Manual Espresso machines including levers and home appliances.


Solid Heavy Build - Made from materials that give it weight, yet are easy to hold and wield.

Perfect Fit - 49mm, 51mm or 58mm Tampers that will be ideal for specific machines.

Ergonomic Handle - Smooth Black Aluminium Handle, shaped to your palm makes holding it comfortable and easy to use.

Precise Manufacturing - Clean, sharp edges to the Tamp base means it reaches all the way to the sides of the filter basket.


  • InCasa Tamper (49mm, 51mm or 58mm)



Aluminium, Stainless Steel


49mm , 51mm, 58mm


49mm - 322g | 51mm - 334g | 58mm - 386g


49mm - Rok Espresso Makers, Olympia Cremina, La Pavoni lever machines ( pre 1999)

51mm - La Pavoni Professional PL, La Pavoni Europiccola EL, Breville (800 Series), Delonghi, Gaggia (semi-auto machines).

58mm - La Marzocca, Rancilio, Wega, Breville Dual Boiler, Gaggia Classic & Commercial, Bezzerra, Bellezza, Rocket, Expobar, Isomac.

Recommended Additions

  • Rhino Corner Tamp Mat
  • Precision Dosing Ring
  • Pallo Grinder Brush

Available Sizes

  • 49mm
  • 51mm
  • 58mm
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