Hamburger Coasters Stax Plus

Hamburger Coasters Stax Plus

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The Stax—a hamburger style coaster set that combines simple wooden block aesthetics with a high design sense to suit your interior—returns, by popular demand, after a four-year hiatus. It went out of sale due to inconsistencies in the raw material supply used to create it. So now we have updated the materials used and even added a new feature!

The three fillings (patty, cheese and tomato) can be used as coasters or kettle mats. The large hole in the middle of the lettuce is designed to be used as a coffee dripper holder. Our Rivers Cave dripper fits perfectly for a delicious cup of coffee. This is a new feature of the Stax Plus, a little unique way of using this product. On top of all that, the buns can be flipped over to reveal an indentation allowing them to be used as small trays for little chocolates or biscuits—perfect companions for a cup of coffee. In truth, this product saw more popularity as a ornament for room decoration than a functional coaster set, and just like the previous version, this update makes for a cute decorative item ideal as a small gift. Please actually take it in your hand and feel the quality of this realistic wooden burger for yourself.

– Material : natural wood(Pine tree)

– Painting: Water-based painting with lacquer coating

– Size : W106mm x D106mm x H84mm

– Weight : 248g


Thieves Coffee is official Authorized Australian Distributor by RIVERS JP

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