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Thieves Coffee Capsules - ALEX for Criteria Coffee

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Our special edition Nespresso compatible capsule features showcase a new bean, origin, or approach to capsule espresso extraction. One thing you can look forward to is an eclectic selection of delicious Australian coffee delivered to your house each month.


Nyamugari Red Bourbon (fully washed) + Brazil Peaberry (pulp natural)

Fully washed Nyamugari Red Bourbon coffee from Burundi blended with a Brazilian pulped natural, peaberry. Two distinct coffee regions come together for this month’s glorious blend. The richness of the chocolate paired with notes of apricot and raisins makes this go-to coffee perfect for pairing with milk or as a straight up espresso. Filled with comforting flavour notes, this coffee is brilliant for making a hot cup you can curl your hands around on a cold morning.


Coffee Origin
Burundi and Brazil

Tasting Notes
Tastes of chocolate, apricot and raisins


Single Pack contains 10 pods.
* Capsules are suitable for all original style Nespresso® machines