September 12, 2022

We have something special for you this month! We recently caught up with local artist, illustrator and animator, Carla Scotto (@carladrawz), to chat about her practice and how she likes her coffee.

Carla is a Melbourne-based artist who cares a lot about a cause. She’s devoted to her community and, like Thieves Coffee, always seeks to support local – whether it be local causes, local artists, or local roasters. Recently, Carla collaborated with Thieves to produce this very cool animation for us and we’re stoked to share it with you.



What’s your go-to coffee order at a cafe?

Oat latte or a cold brew!

How do you brew your coffee at home?

Good old fashioned percolator on the stove, or a cold drip.

How did you get into illustration/design?

I’ve always painted, ever since I was a kid. I did a course at Shillington to learn design and infused what I learned there with what I was taught while doing traditional painting. My paintings are a combination of design and art.


Carla in front of her work


Where did your illustrative style come from?

A lot of the Old Masters influenced my compositions and subject matter, and the internet has heavily influenced my style. Particularly in a digital sense, Neopets has had a huge effect on my digital illustration.

How has living in Melbourne affected your creative work?

I met my partner here in Melbourne at an art show.  Inkboy is the person who really helped me find a footing in the art scene, not so much the scene itself.

Are there any causes or interests outside of illustration that are important to you?

Oh a lot, I care about the climate apocalypse, social justice, birds, my dog, and reality TV.

Where can people find you (IG, website, workshops, etc)?

@carladrawz on Instagram and Tiktok, my website is and sometimes I host workshops at Workshop Melbourne in Fitzroy.

 We see coffee in your future illustration by Carla Drawz


Be sure to check out Carla’s amazing work and stay tuned for future collaborations.

If you're a Thieves Coffee subscriber, keep an eye out for the stickers Carla designed for us in this month's box. Even better, take a picture and tag us in it!