December 15, 2014

New never tasted so good.

What is it about newness that we love so much? What does it mean to be new? Newness is about being able to combine and recombine many elements that interest us into something different. It’s a way of trying to make sense of the world around us in a unique way. A combination of current events, personal history, future expectations. It’s this juxtaposition of past, present and future that creates something original, something new.

In December, we turn the spotlight onto Profile Coffee, the newest undertaking to hit the streets of Melbourne’s bustling coffee romance. Their silver bullet is their focus on experimenting with the past to discover something new for the future.

Profile Coffee is the magnum opus of Zach Oakes. After earning his stripes in some of Australia’s most respected specialty coffee houses St. Ali and Campos, Zach has turned his focus on a brand that he believes represents his philosophy of experimentation and discovery - A coffee product that allows everyone to discover their own new and perfect coffee profile. 

“Our dream, or the reason we exist, is to share this philosophy in an approachable and accessible way, one that allows everyone to have delicious coffee, anywhere, anytime”. 

It means that every action they take, beginning from sourcing to roasting, to blending and brewing, is all done in the name of consistently exceptional and unforgettable coffee for the individual.

“We want to break down the barriers to playing with coffee” he tell us, highlighting that everyone’s preferred coffee profile is different and what works for one may not for the other. Much like wine or cheese, the individual needs to venture on a discovery path to find what is delicious for them. They say that it’s a fine line between crazy and genius and we think Zach falls right on it. 

“We are on a mission to develop Profile into one of the most trusted specialty coffee roasters and brewers in Melbourne.”

Profile relishes the opportunity to create something unique, educational and delicious all at the same time. As a Three Thousand Thieves exclusive, they introduce the Triple Threat, a bundle of three distinctly different coffees grouped together. 

Today you can experiment with a washed Colombian from Del Obispo, a honey processed El Salvadorian from Finca Los Caballeros, and a darker roasted Brazilian from Espirito Santo. Not only do they all taste delicious and hold their own, but these three uniquely different flavour profiles are also perfect for blending. Try them each on their own, then mix it up and see what takes your fancy. Coffee for Profile is all about experimentation and that means for you too.

How does someone or something remain new and innovative as they continue to grow? “Big plans to stay small”, says Zach with a piercing look of commitment. With a test lab opening in early 2015 and a focus on the coffee pop-up scene, there will be plenty of opportunities to meet up with the Profile crew and begin experimenting with them. It’s this novel approach to newness - new flavours and a new business model that will keep driving Zach and Profile into newer caffeinated worlds.

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Photos by Bobby & Tide. 

Stay in touch with Profile via Instagram @Profilecoffeeco