March 20, 2024

Australia might not be a country that immediately pops into your head when thinking about coffee-growing countries. In fact, less than 1% of the world's coffee is produced in Australia, making it a rarity in the global coffee market. Yet, within this unlikely origin, lies a thriving local scene that continues to grow in recognition yearly. So how do our beans and the industry that grows them… 


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A Quick Run-Down:

With our world-class cafe culture and vibrant coffee scene, Aussies are great at drinking and making coffee. Growing coffee is a bit of a different story. However, a spotlight has been thrown on Australia in recent years as an emerging coffee-growing destination. 

The first recorded coffee tree planting was at Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, in 1832. Since then, Australian coffee agricultural production has gone through several ups and downs until a resurgence in the 1980’s.

There are only two major production regions in the whole country – northern New South Wales / subtropical south-east Queensland and tropical north Queensland. This is because there is a scarcity of locations in Australia’s landscape that is permitting of the very specific climate and altitude conditions needed for the coffee plant to thrive. Coffee from these two regions has a distinct flavour profile due to their unique different climate and soil environments.

(c) Margaret River Roasting Co.

Flavour Profile:

So, what can you expect from an Aussie single-origin coffee? Well, that depends on where the beans come from. Up north, you might observe a nuttier, roasted flavour profile while subtropical Aussie coffee might present a sweeter and fruitier palate. 

Generally, Australian coffee is soft, delicate and smooth with a low-medium intensity in acid, a pleasant textural mouthfeel and a medium-long aftertaste. Australian coffee is sweeter, nuttier and fruitier in flavour than other origins due to the cooler temperatures and longer ripening periods in coffee-producing areas.


Supporting Local Heroes:

A huge part of homegrown coffee is all about supporting local growers and sustainable practices. Many Aussie coffee farmers are committed to eco-friendly methods that protect the land and support local communities. By choosing Australian single-origin coffee, you're not just getting a great brew – you're also doing your part to keep Australia’s developing coffee farming culture thriving.

This month we are featuring special coffee grown at Jack Murat’s farm in Queensland and roasted by our friends at Margaret River Roasting Co.

Behind Jack Murat is the belief that Australia can be counted as a fine producer of coffee backed by an unwavering commitment to put Australia coffee production on the map.

We are incredibly proud to hero Jack Murat’s coffee on behalf of Margaret River Roasting Co. this month and bring to you some of the best Aussie coffee on rotation right now!


(c) Margaret River Roasting Co.

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So, there you have it! Australia's coffee-growing industry is out there just waiting to be discovered. With its diverse flavors, commitment to quality, and support for local growers, Aussie single origin coffee offers a truly unique experience for coffee lovers worldwide. So, why not add a little Down Under flair to your morning routine? Who knows, you might just find your new coffee obsession brewing in the heart of Australia. Cheers to good coffee and great adventures!