December 12, 2023

Need some inspiration this silly season? Leave the shopping stress behind you this year - we’ve curated an epic list so you can find the perfect gift for your nearest and dearest these holidays. 


For The Adventurous
Thieves Coffee Gift Sub
from $75 

Ah, yes. This truly is the gift of all gifts! If you’re looking for a cool and unique gift idea this Christmas, you can’t go wrong with the Thieves Coffee Gift Subscription. The ideal gift for those who love coffee and love trying new things. Featuring specialty coffee from a new Australian roaster each month and delivered straight to the lucky recipients door, what’s not to love about a gift that keeps on giving long after the holidays have ended? Choose from 3, 6 or 12-month subscriptions depending on your budget.

For The Hustlers
Moccamaster Classic with free 3-month subscription

Want to earn some serious brownie points with your buddies who love their work and love to work? Think about getting them a Moccamaster! They’re going to need an ultra-easy way to brew delicious coffee in large volumes to keep them going throughout the grind. A 1-litre pot of delicious filter coffee takes as little as six minutes to brew and the built-in hotplate keeps the coffee carafe warm which means endless piping hot caffeine top-ups all around! The Moccamaster comes in an array of beautiful colours to suit any kitchen aesthetic. 


For The Serious Brewer
Fellow, Stagg EKG Electric Kettle

This ain’t your Aunt Patricia’s plastic kettle from 1987. This, my friends, is the kettle for your coffee-obsessed friend who cherishes their morning brewing routine above all else. Elevate their GRWM morning rituals with this beautiful smart kettle by Stagg. This state-of-the-art kettle gives you complete control over water temperature, helps you achieve the perfect extraction with a built-in stopwatch and has a nifty one-hour hold feature that keeps your water precisely hot. Not only that, it look absolutely stunning and is sure to spruce up any kitchen space. 


For The Entertainer Of The Group
Chemex Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Long gone are the days of boring and ineffective pour-over setups and ugly coffee machines. Say hello to the highly sought-after Chemex Pour-Over Coffee Maker. Used by industry professionals and coffee fanatics, the Chemex is the gold standard of coffee brewing. Made of non-porous Borosilicate glass, the Chemex brews crisp coffee and is the perfect vessel for storing the coffee in the fridge until you’re ready to come back for more.


For The Specialty coffee Newcomer
Hario V60 Ceramic Dripper Set 

Another industry favourite, the Hario V60 Ceramic Dripper Set is a beautifully made piece of brewing equipment treasured by all coffee lovers. Whether you're a seasoned brewer or just starting to get your hands dirty in the art of pour-over coffee, the Hario V60 Ceramic Dripper set will set you up for a life of perfectly brewed coffee. Loved by baristas and coffee enthusiasts around the world, the elegant ceramic functionality offers an aromatic, clean brew and leaves cleaning up a breeze. Perfect for your minimalist friend who loves good quality things but doesn’t need all the bells and whistles.


For The Kid-At-Heart
Rivers Hamburger Stax Coasters

The perfect gift to put a smile on someone's face! A Thieves Team favourite, we all love these cheeky Hamburger Stax Coasters by the legends over at Rivers. Back by popular demand, this wonderfully crafted gift consists of three natural wood kettle mats and a fourth with a large hole in the middle designed to be used as a coffee dripper holder. The Rivers Hamburger Stax Coaster makes the perfect conversation starter and is perfect for enjoying on-the-go specialty coffee for those summer road trips ahead. 


For… anyone really!
Not sure yet? Get a Thieves Gift Card!
$50 / $150 / $300 / $500

Alas! The gift for… well anyone, really. Not sure what to get your partner, parents, partner’s parents, friends getting hitched or expecting parents? Easy. Give them a Thieves Gift Card! Do we even have to explain why this is the gift of all gifts? They’re free to use our gift card on a monthly coffee subscription or any of our store items.