January 01, 2019

House Espresso (ESPRESSO)

Pura Cepa Project, Sunda Fermentus Naturalis - Indonesia, Papandayan, West Java (FILTER)

A marionette is a puppet controlled from above using wires or strings depending on regional variations."Self-confessed coffee nerd Ed Cutcliffe is the puppet master pulling all the right strings at Sydney-based The Little Marionette.  What started as a one-man show in a tiny facility in Sydney’s Inner West has grown to be a global production, supplying the finest hand roasted coffees to some of the most discerning restaurants, patisseries and espresso bars in Australia and beyond.

Cutcliffe and his growing team scour the world’s best coffee growing regions to bring The Little Marionette customers the finest beans from small, naturally processed lots; never compromising on quality. Customers have responded with rave reviews and the once tiny troupe is now supplying over 5 tons of beans each week.

Cutcliffe and his team have grown The Little Marionette organically, relying on word of mouth and strong work partnerships to spread their story.  Training and coffee knowledge are also critical parts of The Little Marionette ethos which drove the recent opening of Kippaloo in the Sydney suburb of Surry Hills. Part Espresso Bar, part training facility, Kippaloo will keep fans happy and “insiders” across all the latest developments in quality coffee.

For this month’s Espresso blend, Cutcliffe has selected their House Espresso - a crowd-pleaser with a creamy caramel mouth feel with notes of milk chocolate, roasted almond, seasonal fruits and a balanced citrus acidity.

If brewed on a commercial espresso machine Ed recommends:

  • Dose: 24g
  • Yield:  38-40g
  • Extraction time: First Drop: 6-7 seconds
  • Full extraction: 30-32 seconds

For filter fans, Pura Cepa Project, Sunda Fermentus Naturalis from the Papandayan Mountain region in West Java fits the playbill perfectly.

This beautiful coffee boasts a complex mix of light berry, spice and almond aromas. Red apple skin, elegant berry, crisp orange, clean citrus acidity and chocolate notes with a lingering rose aftertaste complete a command performance.  

If brewed on a Hario V60 Cutcliffe suggests: V60 – pour over method

  • Dose: 14g
  • Yield: 200ml
  • Extraction time: 2 minutes 45 seconds

We hope you love this month’s production from The Little Marionette as much as we do.  We’re pretty sure true coffee lovers will be on their feet calling for an encore!


Insta: @littlemarionette.com

Visit The Little Marionette in Sydney’s Inner West:

26D Mansfield St, Rozelle NSW

Or at Kippaloo, 10-14 Waterloo St, Surry Hills NSW