December 01, 2018

Ex-Wife (Espresso)

Guatemalan Finca Quejina (Filter)

Tucked just off Sydney Road in Brunswick, there’s no denying that Code Black is a Melbourne coffee institution. Set in a darkly dramatic warehouse, the roastery / cafe is simultaneously a laboratory, a workshop and an iconic hub for connoisseurs of the dark art of coffee.

Some may think that when you’ve got a good thing going on, why push yourself? Why change? Well, in Code Black’s case, this notion can’t be further from the truth: it’s been a year of evolution and adventure, with stellar results. Firstly, the team are about to launch a brand-spanking-new website. Tying in with this, we’re very excited to present 3000 Thieves subscribers with their brand new rebranded packaging: a beautiful, revitalised reflection of the coffee in each bag.

But the team at Code Black haven’t just been focusing on a new aesthetic. Archie Chiu, Code Black’s Head of Wholesale, was placed 3rd in the National Brewers Cup earlier this year; while Barista Trainer David Train came 2nd in the recent Southern Region Brewers Cup, having also competed in the Nationals earlier this year at MICE.

For this month’s stunning espresso blend, David has selected the Ex-Wife. “Funnily enough, the inspiration for the name of this blend comes from the first Iron Man film - watch it and you’ll understand why!” he explains. This mouth-watering medium-to-dark blend has been designed with pure sweetness in mind.

Served black it’s sweet and viscous, with notes of dark chocolate, roasted almonds, and caramel sweetness.

If brewed on a commercial espresso machine, David recommends:

  • Dose: 20g
  • Yield: 30-35g
  • Extraction time: 27-32 seconds

For our filter lovers, we have the Guatemalan Finca Quejina (Nicolas Ramirez Ramirez). Featuring plenty of sweetness to balance its crisp fruit characteristics, this coffee is a great reflection of Huehuetenango - Guatemala’s best micro lot region. This very special lot was grown on Quejina, Nicolas Ramirez Ramirez’s 43 acre farm. Lying at 2000 metres elevation in Western Guatemala, and harvested between the months of January to April, Quejina lies in a subtropical highland climate, experiencing mild summers and cool, dry winters - ideal for coffee growing. After harvest, the fruit is immediately depulped and then fermented dry for around 20 hours, before being washed three times. The bean is then sun-dried for up to four and a half days. The result is an exquisite filter in the cup, with delicious notes of cooked pear, apple and hazelnut.

If brewed on a Hario V60, David recommends:

  • 15g coffee to 250ml of 96 degree water (1:16.67 ratio)
  • Pour a 30ml bloom, wait 30 seconds, add another 30ml
  • At 1 minute, add 100ml of water over 15 seconds
  • At 1:30 minutes add the final 90ml of water
  • Total brew time of 2:45-2:50 minutes

We hope that you love this month’s coffee journey with Code Black. Every cup will take you on an adventure to the dark side - and we guarantee you’ll keep coming back for more!


Instagram: @codeblackcoffee

Visit Code Black:

  • 15-17 Weston St, Brunswick VIC
  • 119 Howard St, North Melbourne VIC