Thieves Select - Proud Mary Coffee

Thieves Select - Proud Mary Coffee

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Made for the people, by the people.

This big-bodied blend is designed to cut through milk and create a chocolatey latte or a rich and syrupy espresso. It is sweet, approachable, and easy to brew, making great coffee accessible to everyone.

At Proud Mary, we utilise only fresh seasonal components direct from our amazing producer partnerships at origin. Many hands have helped make this blend special, and by drinking Humbler, you are supporting a sustainable supply chain and our direct relationships with producers from El Salvador and Brazil.

Check out their story in The Slow Drip Blog for more details

Coffee Origin:
50% El Salvador San Carlos Washed, 50% BVrazil Mantiqueira de Minas Natural

Tasting Notes:
Chocolate Fudge, caramel, date & syrupy. 

A single 1kg, choose from either espresso or decaf and if you prefer ground or whole beans - the best roasters in Australia telling their stories and sharing their passion.

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