Hario Coffee V60 White Papers

Hario Coffee V60 White Papers

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Restock your coffee setup with this bulk pack of Hario V60 (100Pcs) White Papers. Available in 1 Cup, 2 Cup & 3 Cup. They’re the same filters you’ve always loved—thin, durable, and effective—but in a larger, more affordable bundle.

We suggest rinsing each filter right before brewing and disposing of the water. This keeps any papery taste out of your brew and, at the same time, preheats your V60 brewer.

Sizes available:

  • 100 x Hario V60 1 Cup Filters
  • 100 x Hario V60 2 Cup Filters
  • 100 x Hario V60 3 Cup White Papers Bulk


These White Papers are able to be used with the entire range of Hario V60 Brewers.

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