Filtropa Coffee Filter Papers

Filtropa Coffee Filter Papers

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Filtropa Paper Filter #4 - Bleached - Pack of 40 - suitable for Moccomaster filter machines

Filtropa Paper Filter #2 - Bleached 40pk

For use with brands such as BonaVita, Kelita,Tiamo, Clever & other V Shape drippers

Micron Rating: +/- 20 Micron

Size: #4 suits 2+ cup and most moccamaster filter machines

Size: #2 suits 1-2 cup

Material: Paper

Pieces: 40 per pack

About Filtropa Quality: The white (bleached) filters are high quality products manufactured from special compound paper and are completely free of taste and smell. The white (bleached) filter bags are TCF (Total Chlorine Free) bleached. Filtropa Coffee filters are the best way to make a perfect cup of coffee, because they allow the coffee to be filtered at a proper rate. The filter paper maintains its strength when wet, and as no other components are used this makes it 100% natural and illustrates the ecological aspect of Filtropa products.

The paper used by Filtropa is approved by the international Food and Drug Administration. Regular quality controls are performed by renowned institutions as ISEGA and TUV. Continuous contacts with their suppliers and customers to maintain quality is also carried out to assure the continuous high quality standard.

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