March 22, 2023

We feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to collaborate with the incredibly talented Melbourne-based Artist and Illustrator Angela Ho (@ahoyvisualart) this season!

What can we say about Angela's work? Well, we're obviously obsessed with it. There's something about her weirdly wonderful concepts and retro style that's utterly magical. That's why we wanted to work with her on this year's Easter treat for our Thieves Community.

When you open up your April coffee subscription box you might notice something special. Angela's designed a pretty epic sticker for you all. Slap it on your takeaway coffee cup or phone case. We hope it brings a smile to your face.

We also had the chance to sit down with Angela and learn more about her creative career, how she likes her coffee and what her favourite hang-out spots are these days. Enjoy our interview with Angela below! 🐰


Angela outside our Thieves Coffee cafe in Fitzroy.


Tell us about yourself! What’s your creative background?

I studied and worked as a Graphic Designer & Commercial Illustrator in Melbourne. In 2008 I moved to Hong Kong for a four-month contract to design infographics. The four months turned into living in Hong Kong for 15 years! Several years into that time I made the decision to start making my own artwork.


How did the Ahoy project get started?

I wanted to create work based on my own ideas about the world. Ahoy is a form of self-expression. I love the conversations I have with other artists, they allow themselves to view the world in unique ways. There's a freedom in living as an artist.


Where did the name 'Ahoy' come from?

I received an email from a company I worked with semi-regularly asking me to send an invoice for an illustration project I did for them. It turns out there was another ‘Angela Ho’ in Hong Kong who was also an Artist/Illustrator so I thought I should come up with a separate artist moniker to distinguish the two of us.


How would you describe your illustrative style to someone who’s never seen your work before?

Retro vibes, bright and fun! I usually direct them to my Instagram page, it’s the easiest way to show people my work.


Our amazing Easter collaboration with Angela coming to life!


What inspires your work?

My feelings, thoughts and reactions to life – small personal everyday life things as well as larger life events that occur on a societal scale too. Aesthetically, vintage Disney and Fleischer Studios animations.


What are your go-to music tracks at the moment?

I am totally into the sounds of three Hong Kong acts at the moment: 

Choi Sai Ho’s track ‘Map Dealers’
Choi Sai Ho is a multimedia artist and composer. He was one of the musicians who created work which was sent into space by a radio telescope in 2018! His sounds always wake me up in an electric zap kinda way.

TYNT’s new track ‘Everest’
This one's been on repeat! It has a hopeful, happy vibe to it that makes me think of summertime and travelling.

Science Noodles track 'Honey Quarantine'
This one's just wonderfully chill and dreamy.


What’s your go-to coffee order at a cafe? What about at home?

A strong soy or oat milk latte when I’m out. At home, I drink strong black coffee made with a moka pot.


What are your current favourite hang-out spots?

I’m still yet to explore much of Melbourne but I’ve had a string of friends from Hong Kong visit and I’ve been using those times to check out Fitzroy, Collingwood, Brunswick and the CBD. I’ve been meeting visitors at Outré Gallery in Smith Street first and then we go from there! So far I love Cam’s Kiosk at the Abbotsford Convent, specifically their tiramisu. I also love the Journal Cafe, Rooftop Bar and Patricia Coffee Brewers – all in the CBD. Patricia’s coffee and cinnamon buns are SO yummy!


Angela walking us through her creative process at our Thieves headquarters.


What do you think is most exciting in your local art scene right now?

Everything is new to me, but the quality of the few exhibitions I’ve seen since arriving in Melbourne late last year is amazing! Also, seeing Melbourne’s street art as I move around the city is a real treat and I’ve noticed a lot of pasteups in my area with strong political messages which I've loved.


Last question! Do you have fun projects coming up or exhibitions where our subscribers might see your work?

I’ll have work in a group show in Amsterdam in September with Kochxbos Gallery – that can be viewed online! There’s also the ‘Small Works’ group show with Beinart Gallery in Melbourne this October. Otherwise, I’m looking forward to playing around with ideas for a solo show with Outré Gallery in the Spring of 2024!



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We just wanted to say a massive thank you to the super-talented Angela Ho for designing the most epic Easter stickers for our Thieves Community and taking the time to sit down and chat with us.