December 13, 2021

Coffee capsules just got better! That’s right, now even coffee capsule converts can enjoy Australian artisan roasted coffee at home with our new Thieves coffee capsule subscriptions. Broaden your coffee capsule horizons and enjoy a new roast every month, carefully crafted and delivered straight to your door. If you’re not a convert yet or you’re thinking of upgrading your machine, we’ve put together a list of five of our favourite coffee capsule machines to help you extract the best from your coffee subscription.

*All machines use Nespresso compatible capsules


For the high-end latte lover

Breville Nespresso Creatista

If you love a milky coffee and you’re ready to upgrade to a more high-end coffee capsule machine then perhaps this is the one for you. With a fully-automatic steam wand (including automatic cleaning!) and Breville’s “advanced micro-foam technology,” you can now create perfectly textured milk at home. Adjustable temperature and recipe settings (accessed through an easy to use LCD touch screen) allow you to personalise each drink, giving you that extra control you’ve been craving. Not to mention the sexy classic-retro design available in various neutral shades.

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For the coffee aficionado

The Morning Machine

“Brew(ing) with intention” is how the founders of the Morning Machine describe the process of making your ‘Morning’ coffee and we think our Thieves fans will love this machine. Not only is it super slick and stylish, but this coffee capsule machine gives the home brewer full control of their brew. Decide how you want your coffee to taste by fine tuning settings and personalising recipes. With 10 default recipe modes to get you started (including their flagship ‘Bloom & Brew’ recipe) you’ll be well on your way to the perfect cup! They even have a mobile app where you can create and save your own recipes and connect to your machine.

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Best mid-range machine

Nespresso DeLonghi CitiZ

If you NEED coffee before making any early morning decisions and you’d just prefer to mindlessly push a button and drink a pretty decent cuppa to get you going, then you really can’t go past the Nespresso DeLonghi CitiZ machine. It’s a popular machine for good reason! The Nespresso DeLonghi CitiZ sits at an affordable price point, it’s compact and is super easy to use, with only two simple and programmable buttons for Espresso and Lungo preparations. Top it all off with a nice crema and you’re good to go! There is also the optional milk frother, which literally does all the work for you - but don’t be fooled - the result is good, but no match for a barista frothed cappuccino. All in all though, a great machine if you want a tasty coffee with little effort.

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Take it with you

Wacaco Nanopresso + Nespresso adapter

With the Wacaco Nanopresso + Nespresso adapter (uses Nespresso compatible capsules) you can take your favourite capsule coffee with you wherever you go. Capable of reaching a maximum of 18 bars (261 PSI) of stable pressure during extraction, the Wacaco Nanopresso + Nespresso adapter produces unparalleled coffee quality. Unlike your at home coffee capsule machine, you do have to put a little more muscle into it than simply pressing a button to extract your favourite coffee. However, squeezing the piston closed manually isn’t too much to ask if it means being able to enjoy your perfect brew while looking out over a remote waterfall, for example. If you’re a coffee capsule convert and you love the outdoors then this is surely the contraption for you!

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Best Budget Option

L’Or Barista

Designed to work with Nespresso compatible capsules and delivering up to 19 bars of pressure the L’Or Barista machine is a great budget friendly option. It’s a chic looking machine that will slide seamlessly into most kitchens and it has the versatility of creating one espresso, a double shot or two coffees at the same time. No fuss and it won’t break the bank, so we reckon it’s a good beginner machine for those of you just getting started on your coffee journey.

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Thieves is super excited to be adding capsules to our monthly features! Coffee capsule devotees can now discover a new, Australian artisan roasted coffee each month. We’re pleased to add that we’ve partnered with the legends over at TerraCycle, an innovative recycling company that has become a global leader in recycling hard-to-recycle waste. This means you can now use their service to recycle your capsules after use.