May 04, 2020

Collaborative, authentic community experiences are what Criteria Coffee has always been about… so what better roaster to choose for this month of isolation than the brainchild of founders and coffee-loving couple Craig and Andrea Simon.

Criteria Coffee is renowned as the all welcoming “Open Home” for coffee lovers, designed to unite cafes, coffee companies and new up-and-coming roasters with a guided experience in coffee roasting.

This month they have offered something truly special… extending this open home concept to the members of Three Thousand Thieves.

We invite you to connect as a community over a cup of Criteria coffee and go on a guided tour of their roasting facilities and their own home. We will be shaking it up this month with a live Q&A session with the Criteria team, hosted by the always entertaining @lewislikescoffee.

They’ll be answering questions on the coffee industry, this month’s coffee offering, their coffee journey so far and they’ll also provide some tips on how to get the best out of each cup - all from the comfort of your own homes. Stay tuned to our social media channels for details of the Q&A session which will happen later this month on Instagram Live.

But first things first… let’s talk about this month’s coffee so you can turn your home delivery into some sweet magic coffee moments.

Some background information for our Criteria first-timers. WHO is Craig Simon? - Where to begin? Craig is the Founder & Director of Criteria, Three x Australian Barista Champion, WBC Finalist, ASCA Head of Roasters Guild, Q Grade Instructor, WBC Sensory Judge… and the list goes on… we honestly can’t keep up!

And another question we’ll all be asking; WHO is Bruce? - Bruce is the name of your Espresso Coffee. Bruce is a smooth blended fusion of citrus, stone fruit and a syrupy body of Colombia combined with the delicate fruit and floral notes of Tanzania.

And why is this delicious bag of espresso coffee called Bruce? - Well, Craig and Andrea felt that the coffee industry and the world has taken a very serious tone lately… so they wanted to bring a note of friendliness to the table… and who could be a friendlier coffee buddy than the distinctively Australian - good Ol’ Brucey boy.

How Bruce, your Espresso Blend, likes to be treated:

  • Dose: 22.5g
  • Yield: 40g
  • Extraction time: 20 - 24 seconds
  • 93.5°C water

For our 3TT filter fanatics we have a standout Colombian - Colombia Condor Cauca EP.

“It really shone beyond my expectations. It is a co-operative regional coffee that means limited traceability and normally generic tasting notes, however, this coffee jumped off the cupping table with an orange fruit tingle, stewed stone fruits and brown sugar and jammy juicy mouthfeel and texture.” - Craig Simon.

Filter recipes vary a little except in the practical differences in an immersion-style brewer versus pour-over.


  • Dose: 6g coffee per 100g of water - scale to suit brew volume desired.
  • Water Temp: Temp control kettle - 93 deg water.
  • Standard kettle - let it boil then let stand for 2 minutes before brewing.
  • Coffee Bloom: pour just enough water to fully saturate the grinds for around 30 seconds before pouring the remaining water in batches, not letting the grinds go dry.
  • For immersion, aggressively pour the brewing water to wet out the grinds thoroughly and let steep for 2 minutes. Release or press out at that time.

So what does the future hold for this impressive coffee duo? Going back to his original concept of wanting to facilitate the next generation of coffee professionals, Criteria is expanding their horizons beyond the constraints of location. Call it “ISO-INSPO” as the team is working on a transition from in-person based workshops to initiatives that support remote online learning. Whilst the project is in the early phases of development, we are looking forward to seeing this project evolve and the birth of many more coffee appreciators.