September 24, 2018

Seasonal Blend - Spring (Filter and Espresso Roasts)

When you think of springtime, a few key themes instantly come to mind: fresh flowers, lots of colour and new beginnings, just to name a few. This month we’re very excited to bring you Industry Beans’ brand new Seasonal Blend, especially developed for spring drinking. It so perfectly embodies Melbourne springtime that your winter blues will soon be a thing of the past.

Having created a delicious new spring menu with a seasonal focus, there’s never been a better time to visit the Industry Beans café on Rose St, Fitzroy. Their new offering is more than just brunch: it’s a full gastronomic experience. This includes brand new dishes and coffee-inspired products, partnerships with local producers, and of course, the Industry Beans Seasonal Blend - Spring.

The blend is the brainchild of Steve Simmons (Co-founder & COO) and Olmer Bollinger (Roaster & QC Manager). “We created the Seasonal Blend - Spring to represent the seasonality of coffee and also the flavours that we associate with the specific change of season,” explains Steve. “In Spring, we think of acidity, zest, freshness and floral complexity: something that is vibrant yet delicate, something that is very lively. We wanted it to embody the changes of colour and life in the natural surroundings.”

The team have paired Shakiso Guji, Ethiopia for a clean, tart acidity, lingering honey sweetness and high floral notes, with El Tambo, Colombia for notes of stone fruit, red apple and citrus. Together they provide a long sweetness and acidity with great clarity, which allows the more delicate floral notes to shine through.

If brewed on a commercial espresso machine, the team recommend the following recipe: Double Espresso:

  • Dose: 19g
  • Yield: 38g
  • Shot time:
  • 26-28 seconds
  • Water temp: 93°C approx

Alternatively, if you’re a filter lover, why not try this AeroPress recipe: AeroPress (Inverted Method):

  • Dose: 15g
  • Water: 30ml / 30sec bloom, agitate to saturate coffee
  • Fill to 220ml At 1:20 minutes flip and press (total time approx 2 minutes) 

In addition to a stunning new menu and blend, the team have opened a second café: Industry Beans Lt Collins, in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.

“It has a completely different atmosphere to our Fitzroy flagship, but we love the design and the new set of customers it has introduced to the Industry Beans brand,” explains Steve.

The team have also launched the Industry Beans café app, allowing customers to order their coffee ahead of time or pay in-store, with a rewards program and all-in-one payment system. And if you need any brewing gear, accessories or last-minute coffee, Industry Beans are also now offering FREE shipping across Australia, and free express shipping to customers in Melbourne via their online store:

We hope that you love the transition into spring with this stunning Seasonal Blend from Industry Beans. It’ll give you a spring in your step in no time!

Visit the Industry Beans café and roastery:

3/62 Rose St, Fitzroy VIC 3065

Instagram: @industrybeans