September 14, 2018

A Brazil Sao Silvestre Peaberry (Espresso)

Rwanda Mbilima - Single Origin (Filter)

Good things always happen when engineers get involved in food. They take their process-driven thoughts and technical obsession into a field that most still practice as an art form. They break down why things taste good, how to bring out caramels in a product, what’s the optimum temperature for flavour.

Talented engineers take this approach for all things they do. So it’s no surprise that this engineer, with a love for coffee, is also a music lover and applies that same thinking to his music too. Combining both these passions, we introduce to you today Beat Coffee, by mastermind Leigh Mellington.

“Beat Coffee’s philosophy is simple – do what inspires you, do it well and always keep pushing beyond. This is the endless search. Whether it be the perfect wave, artwork, song or coffee, you should always be striving to find the next perfect hit.”

While working in the U.S. wine industry, Leigh began to notice specialty coffee popping up in a lot of new places. The idea of Beat Coffee began to solidify when he spent a year in New York City, covering as much of city as possible searching for great coffee. The moment of clarity occurred during this time, that life should be about chasing your dreams. Upon returning to Australia in 2013 he purchased a small roaster and together with his engineering background created the magic that is Beat Coffee, a delicious roasting & cold brew business.

Cold Brew is another key part of the coffee flavour adventure. Ever since they started selling kegged nitro coffee to a tap house they have continued to hone their cold brewing skills. They are one of the only wholesale packaged cold brewers in Australia that roast their own beans - taking them full circle from green beans to packaged and kegged.

The coffees we are tasting today showcase Leigh’s focus on flavour and experimentation. For our espresso fans we have a scrumptious single origin. A Brazil Sao Silvestre Peaberry, it showcases a sweet and creamy hazelnut coating - perfect for early mornings. Our filter feature is a spectacular Rwanda Mbilima single, with a hit of buttery notes and a tasty-as pineapple flavour that sits on your tongue until it’s time for more.

Beat Coffee have literally just opened the doors to their new coffee shop and roastery in Reservoir. A beautiful oasis serving delicious brew in the heart of the creative community. This location is now the home of all their coffee roasting - and will be the heart of their passion in the years to come.

With Beat, Leigh has shown us that following your passion can lead to amazing things. Life is too short: follow Leigh’s beat and chase what you are passionate about while enjoying the ride!



  • 21g in : 47-50g out over 28-30 seconds


  • 15g coffee, 250-270ml water. Bloom with 45ml of water for 30 seconds then the rest of the water over 2 minutes. Total brew time over 3 to 3 1/2 minute duration.

Visit the cafe:

50 Gertz Ave, Reservoir VIC 3073

Follow on Instagram @beatcoffee